Akurit 4
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Choong Says:

I've been taking 4 tablets per day for almost 1 month. I feel pain all over my body, even when walking. How long will the bad feeling last?

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Jae Wan Says:

I have TB in the brain. I used to take Akurit 4 for 2 months (4 tabs, 2 tabs pyridoxine) before it damaged 60% of my liver resulting in severe jaundice (took 3 weeks to clear in the hospital) and nearly had to undergo a liver transplant. Now Im on Akurit 2 (4 tabs, 2 tabs pyridoxine). Akurit 4 damaged my liver due to overdosage.
I am in pain daily (joint and nerves discomfort due to 5 lumbar puncture done within 5 weeks) and also because my liver is unable to clear Akurit from my system effectively. Drs have no other solutions except to recommend pain killers which I refuse to take as it will add on stress to my liver.

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Pooja Says:

I'm suffering from tuberculosis and my doctor advised me to take Akurit-4 (one tablet daily). I've been taking this medicine for one month now but haven't had any notable results.

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