Akt 4 Side Effects Can Cause Late Periods

vicky singh Says:

Hi,i m 26 yr old ..i taking akt4 for my bone tb treatment and it has been one month,,i want to ask can this treatment can cause late period ..my periods always got late by 3 days or max 7 days but since i have started my tratment of tb this time it has been more than 15 days and till now my period has not started yet ..i feels everyday that its starting but when i check its not....tell me if it is due to this treatment.

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October Says:

I am taking INH for TB treatment too. My period for this month is 7 days late already. I am worried. So I did pregnancy test twice. Both came back negative / "not pregnant."
I tried to search if INH or similar tb medicine's side effect on menstruation but didn't get much information. Hope everything is ok for you. Let me know how it goes.

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vicky Says:

Thank u for such a lovely concern...actually after that i went to my doctor .he told me that "may be this treatment is the reason for that but he is not sure " he also said that this could also be because of the weakness in body during tb treament" ....this is my fourth month of treatment and after that my periods are normal ...i guess doc was right ..it happens just becoz our body becomes weak

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jane Says:

i have the same feeling too. It is now 7 days late and I am taking up Isoniazid for 2 months now.

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Jerria Says:

I have the same thing. I'm on INH for being exposed to TB. I'm currently 3 days late. I always feel like I've started, but nothing. :( I'm on my 2nd month of treatment. Glad to know I'm not alone.

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