Adderall 80mg Capsules With Powder Inside, Instead Of Beads?

Patrish Says:

My adderall 80 mg capsules have always had beads inside, this time was powder, am afraid to take, does anyone please have any info on them? Pharmacy closed rest of weekend, have a condition that these also help with for my focus, ability to prioritize, so many things, and have to do just that today, please help if anyone knows.

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Verwon Says:

What are the markings on them? I need this information in order to research this for you. Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you!

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming according to FDA reports and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, insomnia, and anorexia.

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Tesley Says:

What is difference in adderall 20 mg and amphetamine salts 20 mg if any. I switched pharmacy and it seems to be a difference in how i feel with the salts but I can't pin point it. It could just be in my head.

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