Actavis Vs Teva Diazepam Doses

bizzle Says:

Actavis doesn't make 10mg diazepam. Teva makes 10mg ones. Actavis makes 2mg and 5mg, which usually costs £15 per box of 28 x 5mg diazepam...

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nick Says:

activis do make 10mg diazepam pills. why would they only make up to 5mg?? you just don't see them that often as drs dont like to prescribe 10mg tabs.

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PrettyPolly Says:

They certainly do. The actavis 10mg Diazepam is usually boxed by Almus and it is a blue pill with C on top and a score line then DC underneath... They are almost exactly the same as my 5mg in terms of packaging and indeed the leaflet inside is identical and covers 2, 5 & 10mg. WebMD shows a pic of this pill. It is Diazepam.

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billy Says:

I was wanting to know how much the teva diazepam usually costs to fill vs the other brands?

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Cbow Says:

I just paid 2 dollars for 90 Diazepam ..cvs Teva ..thank goodness for insurance. They are fine. Jesus if u want the real deal pay for it.

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Cbow Says:

It's all the same unless you are in a hospital with a valium drip. Yall are hilarious.

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Dizzyshell83 Says:

Ha ha - to the poster before me. The amount inside is the same if it's off your family doctor but if your doctor is a mean brat (like mine) then you'll definitely find different equivalents.

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Christopher Says:

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I just paid 5.60 to fill a prescription for 120 Teva diazepam. Took 15 mg and I feel great. Took my anxiety away immediately and relaxed my mind and body. These were very fresh, no powder s*** like Mylan. Actavis (DAN) are really good also.

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Kez Says:

Re: Christopher (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

How are you getting your rx filled so cheap? Please share??

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Shan Says:

Actavis does make 10mg diazepam!

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GmanzA1day Says:

Re: Christopher (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Dan have stopped making 10mg and most companies have stopped making blues or have changed stamps because 50/50 counterfeit. Get it lab tested.

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