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scott Says:

I have a son that took accutane 60 mg a day for six months in a row three years ago. Now after many trips to doctors over strange medical problems, it seems accuatne is the culprit medication that has caused servere joint and muscle pain, severe dry lips, redness in face, eye infections of own immune system attacking itself, systems of osteoarthritis in both shoulders, both wrist and right hand, blood in stool, possible hair loss, abnormal liver function test results in AST and ALT. My son went from being a high school football and track athlete while taking this medication three years ago to someone that is in constant pain just washing a car. After I have researched this drug extensively, I can't believe that the FDA allows this drug originally made for cancer patients to be marketed for teenagers with acne. All one has to do is look online what vitamin A overdose does to someone and then you have the results of what this medication has done to my son. This drug needs to be taken off them market ASAP and the drug companies that make it need to compensate all teenagers that they have possible ruined their future. Shame on them! What is going on here?

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Charlie Says:

I started taking Acutane in 1995 when I was 18 for severe acne. I'm now 32. I knew that there was a long list of side effects short and long term but I'd tried everything else and decided to take it. I had the normal problems while taking it like dried out face, chapped lips and sensitivity to sunlight. I could deal with those problems without a problem. What I couldn't deal with was the depression and loss of weight about a year later. The depression was pretty severe to where it controlled every aspect of my life. I thought I had some kind of terminal disease. My fatigue was so severe that I didn't get of bed some days and seem to sleep all the time. My friends and family didn't know what was wrong. I didn't link it to the acutane till recently. I had minor stomach ailments right after taking the acutane but didn't think it was the medicine. Now I have chronic Gastritis which is controlling my life today. I read that a few others have had stomach problems as well. I try not to take any kind of medication if I don't have to anymore. My trust in pharmacutical companies and the FDA is forever shot. I also started getting what is called geographic tongue right after finishing accutane and still have it today.. Was wondering if anyone who took acutane has had the same problem. I'm trying to piece together my ailments to see if its linked to my use of acutane. Thanks you for all the posts. They seem to have giving me some piece of mind knowing that I'm not alone. I've also had what feels like a swollen liver but the doctors tell me liver is fine. Has anyone had that problem?

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Jennifer Says:

I took accutane when I was about 22 and stayed on it for about 4 1/2 months. Got tried of all the symptoms. It was a miracle drug for me. My acne cleared up and hasn't come back. I am now 24 and I have had problems with my sinus and I now have psoriasis in my scalp. I am thinking this is a result of accutane.

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worried mom in Colorado update Says:

Charlie is 3 mo out off the generic Acutane and is still symtomatic. Will this nightmare ever end. I read other posts and I can see that things could be much worse for him. Everytime I read the new posts, I get depressed my self that there is nothing I can do to get this stuff off the market. 3 mo ago I had a 15 year old kid that was college or military bound and now his mind is so screwed up that I cant see that for him anymore. I am now worried that this is not temporary and that this is something that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life! OH but his face looks great!

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Sandra Says:

I Took accutane 4 years ago and I am suffering from vertigo

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Sandra Says:

I regret taking Accutane, I wish I never took that drug. Be careful if you are taking that Medication. If you are on Accutane make sure you are on the lowest dose. If you are experiencing side effect make sure you let your doctor know about it so the doctor can stop it or decrease the medication.

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James Says:

I'm sorry to hear about your son, it's not like everyone has permanent side effects like these. Furthermore, your doctor should have warned you and your son of the possible side effects of accutane. Not to mention there are numerous warnings that come with the medication itself. When you agreed to put your son on accutane you also acknowledged the possible long-lasting side effects. I'm sorry it ended up poorly but there are even more dangerous drugs out there that are approved by the FDA - drugs that can potentially kill. And in the long run accutane appears to do more good than it does damage for patients taking it. Perhaps the doctor prescribed a larger dose than they should have, in which case at least some of the blame should be cast onto them. But regardless, you should have known the side effects before you made the choice to have your son put on accutane.

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nick Says:

oil girl/jen c.,

I see you on alot of sites bashing accutane all the time. How many do you go on? The funny thing is you have a different story all the time. From what I understand if you experienced a problem that serious you should stop taking it. So why do you say drastic stuff to people implying that accutane can kill you.

Im just saying you made your own bed by going on with accutane when you felt these side effects so dont scare off people with all your scare monger stories. Now if you read this I know you'll get defensive i have seen how much people you disrespect people on who disagree with you. So I wont acknowledge it. Good day.

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Dereck Says:

I took accutane when I was 16 and am 25 now. Haven't had any problems at all. Haven't even had to use facewash since I got off it it cleared within days and I had really bad acne, I would highly reccomend it to anyone with bad acne. If my future children have acne I'll put them on it as well.

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oli/jen Says:

I have to laugh obviously you haven't read all three pages and the story of the father who created this thread, nor the mother thread on her son.
I have diffrent stories??? my story has never changed. Tell me what blood tests dr check for when it comes to severe osteopenia...What tests do they do for chronic dryness, which I didn't have while on accutane .Maybe you need to research the effects of high doses of Vit A. and Chemo....
Oh, and many on this board have posted on also....I will always warn against the use besides chemo and acne congblata. severe diseases it was made for....
I wonder why you woud even lurk on suffers sites and then post such nonsense.

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justin nelson Says:

I suffered with acne most of my young adult life. My doctor finally put me on Accutane after many attempts at other acne treatments. At that point I would have paid a million dollers to have clear skin, as I'm sure others would agree it is horrible to deal with acne. Accutane completely cured me of acne. Yes the temporary side effects of dryness etc are not fun but, in the end I would do it again in a heartbeat. I havn't had more than the occational pimple since. That was 12 years ago.

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Worried mom in Colorado Says:

We are now 3 months off ISOTRETINOIN and my son is doing well on Abilify to control psychiatric problems. He will be on Abilify for at least a year while his brain heals and develops new pathways. I wouldnt say back to my normal son but pretty close. I am glad that there is some positve cases out there but it doesnt change the fact that this stuff is changing young peoples lives and even death. The facts are Accutane was taken off the market June 2009 due to law suits. It is a fact that kids have commited suicide and there are documented cases linking accutane to these deaths. It is a fact that kids and adults are on long term antidepressents and drugs for long term bowel disease. It is a fact in 2004 FDA named Accutane or ISOTRETINOIN one of the most dangerous drugs. It is a fact that the doctors in our country are dispensing this drug to kids with mild to moderate acne not to Severe nodular cases. I realize every drug has its side effect and unless it is happening to you it seems be not so important. The fact that I have to deal with is my son may always be on medications for this. It bothers me because it is my fault that he has missed 3 months of being 16 yrs old, he has missed social events and driving is out of the question right now. I trusted the medical comumnity to guide me and they failed. If I would have known these facts, I would NOT have put my son on Clarvaris/ISOTRETINOIN for his acne. My son was on his way to The Air Force Academy and had 4.0 GPA. Now his future is on hold. I survived acne so can you. A beautiful mind is not worth a pretty face.

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NCC Says:

I've created a comprehensive research report on Accutane's history and pharmacology. I would encourage everyone here to visit the link below and download it.


My research provides insight into why the side effects can persist for a really long time after people stop taking it. Hoffmann-La Roche explicitly states in the Physician's Desk Reference that they don't know how Accutane works or how it causes an incredibly long list of side effects, but I believe that they do know. I also believe that through my research I have discovered Accutane's true mechanism of action that Roche has been keeping secret from the public.

My goal is to expose the truth about Accutane, present the scientific evidence, and enlighten the world about its history/pharmacology and the latent long-term effects it has on the body, which will lead to more independent research being conducted to elucidate the cause of the side effects.

More evidence validating my theory on Accutane's mechanism of action

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Christina Christian Says:

I took accutane for 6 months in 2009. It really cleared my acne, but I started experiencing problems and symptoms I never had before. I became irritable, started having crying spells, trouble concentrating, fast heart rate, and I began having severe chest pains. I didn't think anything of it until now and it has gotten worse. I don't know what to do. I'm tired of feeling like this and putting my husband through so much when he doesn't even deserve it. I need a cure!!!

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Ronnie Says:

I am sorry to hear and read of all these terrible stories and concerns from taking Accutane. I took Accutane for five months when I was twenty years old.While taking Accutane I had all the side effects I was warned about. You know, the major acne out breaks, dry lips, pale skin, crusty skin.I am now twenty nine years old and my skin has been clear and clean for nine years now.I am very happy with the end results of my skin. I had a very bad acne problem starting from back when I was this was a major relief for me. However, I do experince strange side effects I have always believed to be linked by my use of Accutane . I get red very easliy! Just by having my back rubbed or scracthed my skin turns very bright red and stays red for about thirty to fourty five minutes.Somtimes when I get stressed a certain spots on the back of my neck turn red.I am a fair skinned male so it really stands out. I have been asked by my girlfriend if I am ok, because it looks painfull to her after she rubs or scratches my back. I have no pain, but I do become flushed very easy, I can just scratch my skin ( mostly back and neck) and turns red very easily and stays sustained for quite other side effect I noticed, is that I have these little pockets' on my skin. They tend come and go, but they store puss like acne and when squeezed they drain. I have some pockets that look like scars that I have had for years. I have one on my neck, chest and back. Sometimes nothing comes out when squeezed other times they ( if not being bothered for a awhile seem to fill up) and drain like a blackhead. Except it is a very stiff smelly type of puss. Sorry if I am grossing you guys out I just wanted to share my story with you.I use to be in serious pain with my acne. I truely believe Accutane has fixed my appearance and taken away the pain that I use to suffer from my accute ance problem.My question to all of you is, does anyone else have these type of side effects?

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Scared 16 year old on Clarivis (generic accutane) Says:

Hello everyone,

I am 16 years old almost 17 and I have been taking 60mg (3 20mg pills) of isotretinoin a day for 2 and a half months.

So far I have had bad lower back pains, I have severe mood swings and dry skin and lips.

After reading everything you guys have to say I am extremely scarred and want to quit the drug. The only problem is it just started to work so well and I just don't know what to do!

I have multiple friends that went on the same drug with no problems and they have awesome skin!

My Derm tells me everything is ok but is it really?


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Jen C/Oli Girl Says:

Ronnie-It is know that many accutane users carry more staphylcoccus/streptococcus. Have you had someone look at theese bumps or cultural them. As for fragile skin, flushing...yes many have experinced this after accutane.
To worried 16yr Old- I don't know if anyone will really have an answer for you. My suggestion would be to stop. No one can ensure that the side effects you are experincing will be permanent or not, some if not most joint,bone and muscle problems take a while to surface.
Personally I would try light therapy, it works just as good and no side effects.

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worried mom in Colorado Says:

I would stop. There are other options. At your age, you are dealing with enough hormonally and emotionally without adding in mood swings and even possible depression due to the Clarvaris too. I had horrible acne as a teen and that is why I sought help for my 16 year old. Looking back, I survived acne, my 16 year old will survive acne and so can you. Its just acne! I dont think Clarvaris should be dispensed to teens with everything that you are going through.

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Mark Says:

I took accutane as an adult in my 30's. I had horrible acne since puberty on my back and although it was not on my face all too frequently, it would appear from time to time as a huge bump. I also had strange white spots around my shoulders. Since my father had excellent medical insurance, they had given me Prednisone which I discovered later was probably causing the white spots on my back and shoulders as well as on a couple of my teeth. As an adult I discovered that Doctors won free trips and cars by prescribing medication presumably my fathers great medical insurance was a cash cow for the dermatologist. Despite administration of this medication, it really did not work long term although it did have some positive effects temporarily...only enough to keep the cash cow going. Its a crime what they do to teenagers. Having taken the wonder drug accutane as an adult after battling acne for years - huge eruptions on my back mostly - I was game. It did cure my acne and the side effects - I haven't had any, HOWEVER, I could be sterile. Yes, have your teenage sons checked for sterility as that is one of the side effects. Some years after my accutane regime, a close friend's teenage nephew and son were starting to get acne. She took her son off non-organic Milk and the acne was greatly reduced and eventually eliminated. Won't that be easy...if the stuff they pass off as Milk in this country caused acne? Ingesting Low Fat 2% Milk / Non Fat Milk is probably the reason for many health before putting your teenagers on accutane, try removing processed Milk and milk products from the diet. Only use Organic Whole Milk - forget about low fat, non fat products - fat doesn't make you fat and the lack of good fats in the diet malnurishes the brain and probably adversely changes the body chemistry. I have heard that it takes about 2 weeks to clear up the acne. If that doesn't work you can always try ProActive which seems to work, however, if its only the diet and no one on this blog has mentioned changing their diet, then its certainly worth trying before taking drugs that could have dangerous long term side effects. Homogenized processed Milk wasn't meant to be ingested or even healthy...same goes for cheeses and other processed milk products.
If you like cheese, try eating whole milk organic cheese from cows that are grass fed and don't over do it. Never buy reduced or fat-removed products - fats are essential to our health and all these buzz-word marketing of products is destroying the healthy of society.

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Scott Says:

Scared 16 year old on Clarivis,
Have you told your mom and dad about this site and many others talking about the possible long term side effects of this drug ? Have your parents read the tread below where someone has been kind enough to share a detailed report on what Vitamin A over dose can do to a person. This drug is just that, over dose of Vitamin A. Have your parents read this report asap, and maybe you can make a good judgment on what to do next.

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Melissa Says:

My son took Accutane when he was 16 years old for about 4 to 6 months in the spring & summer. That December he was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Aplastic Anemia. This disorder is when your own immune system attacks itself and your bone marrow does not make enough white, red and platelets to support your body. It is treated just like leukemia. They only find out 10% of the time what causes it. In his case it was never proven, but I always thought Accutane had something to do with it. My son went in for chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant two days after his 18th birthday. The transplant took, but his kidneys shut down, his liver became and issue, numberous blood clots, seizures, all things that normally do not happen after a bone marrow transplant. This New Year's Day, my son died of a massive coronary heart attack. The autospy showed that his heart looked like that of a 60 year old, had hardening of the arteries and 90% blockage of the blood vessels. He was a healthy teenager until he took this drug and now he has left us. Any help out there on Aplastic Anemia and Acutane would be greatly appreciated.

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