A Doctor Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication Harrisburg Pennsylvania Pa

Shawn Says:

I have serious shoulder pain since my 2 shoulder surgeries and I have a physically demanding job which makes it worse. Does anyone know who in the central PA area (HARRISBURG, MECHANICSBURG ETC) that will prescribe the 15 or 30mg oxytocin (Percocet)? I have such a high tolerance to the weaker Percocet and those doses ate the only ones that takes my pain away. I would appreciate any and all feedback! !!!


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Verwon Says:

Hello, Shawn! How are you?

The maximum dose of Percocet that is currently available contains 10mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen. Anything that contains higher doses of Oxycodone would not be called Percocet, because it doesn't contain the Acetaminophen.

If you're referring to Oxycontin, then that would be a time released formulation of straight Oxycodone, by itself.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, if you require such medications on a long-term, ongoing basis, you'll need to see a pain management specialist.

Do you currently have a PCP that could refer you to someone?

Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that area?

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Shawn Says:

Thanks for such a quick response! Anyone and everyone that I talk to can't provide any type of pain management doctor. I guess that I will have to keep researching for some doctors that are pain management specialists. Again, Thanks for your input!

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Verwon Says:

You are very welcome and I wish you luck in finding the help you need.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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Rozie Says:

Does anyone know if a doctor in Pennsylvania that is not afraid to prescribe medication to a legitimate patient? Please help with any recommendations, I have all my records. Thank you in advance .

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Mikey Says:

Looking for pain clinic in central pa...when if i have to pay..I have mri...every pain dr wants to give vicodin for pain. Harrisburg....Mechanicsburg...any of those areas..

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Petrinamarie Says:

Do you know of a good pain management doc in the area that will prescribe those types of meds?

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