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Oral Antibotic ## The medication name is actually Zyvox, it contains the active ingredient Linezolid, which is an antibiotic that's used for serious infections that are caused by gram positive bacteria resistant to several others. Learn more Zyvox details here. It's common side effects may include headache, diarrhea and nausea. This is a very expensive medication and may not be easy to find. Are there any questions or comments? ## Hello is there a generic medicine for this my toes are infected and my doctor recommend this

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I have 30 individual doses of this med that my son was receiving via picc line at home. Just trying to get an idea of the cost that others faced for this medication to see if it is in line with what I had to pay. ## My insurance would not cover any of the costs and my doctor told me that zyvox will attack a lot of the germs that most antibiotics wouldn't, he went on to say that if there was any way I could afford the cost to do it because he felt this would save my foot, I borrowed the money and it cost me 98.00 per 600mg tablet and I was perscribed 28 tablets 1 every 12 hours for 14 days; so without taxes it cost me around 2750.00. I think it was closer to 2800.00 with taxes ## I had the same issue with my foot. But my doctor knew nothing about this drug. I did my own searching and...

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can one use this cream on lips for say herpes or a cold sore? will it work? or no? ## you can use the cream at the first signs of a cold sore and it will be gone by the next day I just learned that fact yesterday ## Is there a generic for Clotrim/Beta Cre Diprop? I am paying $66.25 for 45 pills. My wife is in an Alzheimer's care facility in Lexington, SC. Many Thanks, T Mackey ## s there a generic for ZYVOX? I am paying $191.00 for 6 pills. My wife is in an Alzheimer's care facility in Lexington, SC. Many Thanks, T Mackey

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