Zopiclone White Tablet Bl

benny Says:

I have taken zopiclone many times before and they're usually oval white with a z, but I got some recently that are white and round with a BL on it and would like to know if they are a good manufacturer?

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claire Says:

I got some from my pharmacy today never had these b4.

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addictedtolong Says:

I got some of the white round (zopiclone) with the BL, I have don't have any history on them, and to night will be taking my second dose of two pills they put me to sleep, I still had that metallic after taste the next morning. I get them filled at my pharmacy and have never had bad experience.

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cruzer Says:

Same as Benny, anyone had zopiclone white with BL on them? are they a good brand?

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Ihopkc Says:

I had to make enquires about small white tablets the had BL on one side and nothing on the other some time ago and was told they were Zopiclone 7.5mg as that's the strength I get.
They certainly are Zopiclone or zimervane or immovable as they are sometimes called. Bless you X

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Qazwsx12 Says:

Got some round zopiclone m with bl on them off a friend just making sure there from the pharmacy

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Alana Says:

My very good friend just passed as a result of takin these pills his father is also a great friend as is his brother who’s was also his best friend he had a great load of friends who r all devastated when my friend passed heaven stole an angel from us far too soon pls take extreme care if taking these pills as they r very dangerous take ma advice and dont use these pills

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Lil Says:

I am the same, I sometimes get the long ones, other times a small but quite thick white one with 7.5 on it and a thick groove in the middle, now it’s these white ones with BL, funny but the last two I mentioned don’t seem to work as well as the long ones that I had for years, I thought at first they were giving me placebos

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2ack Says:

Can I order zopiclone 10 mg direct from HAB pharmaceutical?

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Kirstie Says:

Re: Lil (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Hi have have the same problem, I have only been taking the zopiclone for 2 night and found that they did not work very well at all. I was still reading a book at 1.30 and usually after taking my tablet at 10.30 I’m well asleep by 11.00. I took them back to the chemist yesterday so he can order me some more of a different brand. Not happy

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Pdaine Says:

Re: Alana (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

May I ask if it was an overdose or just casual taking of these pills ?

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Fred Says:

Any info on Zopiclone tablets IP 7.5mg sob tablet by hab? They are white in colour.

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Annann Says:

Is Zopiclone available over the counter?

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emz Says:

Re: Fred (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

theyre from hab laborotories in india

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Eon Says:

Re: emz (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Many counterfeits. They don't work for me even if I take more.

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