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les Says:

hi, i have been on 15 mgs of zopiclone for some years, with no real problems. now i am on 75 mcrograms per hour fentanayl patches, and feel like im in a dreamworld most of the time, very pleasant state but i cant function that way. does anyone know if the zopiclone and the fentynal together can cause this? also side effects of severe anixiety, sweats, fits and nausea? do they pass on or am i in trouble? thanks for any help.

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chrysallis77 Says:

I have been on zopiclone 11mg for many about 7 years and they have ruined my life, highly addictive and they cause depression SEVERE depression after a while. I also have become incapacitated with abdominal distension and pain continually even after laxatives and indigestion remedies. I have also been told they will shorten my life and can cause cancer! I am stuck in a miserable cycle comparable to burning alive slowly , knowing it can cause cancer and sufferring from long term illness caused by it. The depression and heavy anxiety it causes traps people into a hell of taking the drug for temporary relief and then regretting it. It makes me so angry that the drug companies are the first info you will find online and they marginalise patient suffering into subgroups hardly noticeable. READ THE SIDE EFFECTS people and please everyone take heed. ZOPICLONE IS POISON.

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snewy Says:

Hi. I have been on zopiclone for the last 10 years due to depression and sleeping disorder. About 3 weeks ago I withdrew from opiates, and I'm doing rather physically well. I stopped the zopiclone and my doctor put me on Azor 1mg. I still don't feel 'normal' and 'happy' like I was on the zopiclone. I feel depressed and have a negative mindset in all I do or think about, don't have the feeling of confidence, independence, happiness, etc and I'm having great difficulty doing the slightest of tasks, etc. I am now 6 days off the zopiclone and really having a hard time feeling 'normal'. Question is, when or how long until all the bad feelings go away and when will I feel 'normal' again or must I continue with the zopiclone? Please advise urgently, as it's now starting to affect my daily life, tasks, responsibilities, etc!

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Craig Says:

Zopiclone is sleeping tablet of the barbiturate side for insomnia, they help a great deal with anxiety but I've never known them to aid depression, i don't want to upset you but it tales a long time depending on what frame of mind you are in in order to come of them in the first place, you will have very dark thoughts for possibly months not wks, I'm only telling you as it is, all doctors seem to want to stop giving z drugs but if you are finding it to difficult what's important is quality of life and reduction over a long period of time and a course of antidepressants could be better for now, I have been addicted to zopiclone and benzodiazapines and words cannot express the pain and phycological trauma it causes. There's no shame in not being able to achieve getting of them at will, I'm no doctor but I no more than most when it comes to addiction. I will try to keep in touch and help if I can.
Regards Craig.

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Marion Says:

That is a very high dose of both meds! Women only need HALF the standard dose of 7.5 mgs of Zopiclone! It works just as well. Having been on a similar dosage of the Fentanyl Patch, I can assue you that Less Is More. It took 3 months of snipping a tiny bit of every other Patch to wean myself off, then switching to a much lower dose equivalent of Oxycodone CR. When one needs to be on Opiate Pain Meds for an indefinite time, it is crucial to keep your dosage as low as possible, so you have space to up your dosage in the future. At higher dosages, one runs into the problem of paradoxical pain: the Opiates actually increase your perception of pain. That is a terrible place to be, when Opiates don't work anymore. I encourage you to ask your Dr about this, and consider dialing down your dosage VERY VERY SLOWLY, so as to get a better handle on your Pain Management. Any kind of physical activity helps. I know what it is to be exhausted all the time, yet unable to get restful sleep. Try to keep your options open, and lower your tolerance! If you go REALLY REALLY slowly, you won't have withdrawal issues, which can be awful on Fentanyl, and you just might find you sleep better and have less pain.

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Craig Says:

There are ways to get off zopiclone but I had to do it my own way as doctors don't seem to care about addiction until its to late, is in the 60s doctors gave out temazipam, diazepam and many more benzodiazepines called mothers little helpers and still to this day many of them are still addicted to them, I wish I could advise you how I did it but it would be unethical to do so, I basically had to swap addictions until I could eventually reduce to nothing but believe me you will still want for them as soon as you suffer any stress or boredem in life, will power is the key. The person who is worried about cancer barbiturates are just like benzodiazapines, you need to swap to benzos first and you will notice a difference in your depression, if we talk again I could advise a drug to get you of benzos, regards Craig

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snewy Says:

Hey craig thanks for your input. U are right in saying the boredom and depression is judt killing me mentally at the moment. The Azor help little with preventing anxiety and panics even if I sleep during the day, but very soon get into crying spells as I feel when the hell. Am I going to get better andathink of the ones I loves ie kids and fiance', this all happens abt +- 20 min after I awake. I still feel I desperately need the zopiclone , since now 6 days without, and feel its the only thing that would put me mentally right!! I understand zopiclone can be a 'poison. As so to speak. But my gut feeling is still telling me that I nedd it and must have it( aftr 10 yrs of being on it)) I feel it give me kind of a mental 'high' of which is whati really need at this moment. I have also stopped on my 7 day 2mg suboxone ystrdya, which today physically I seem. To be doing okay! But , and a very big but, mentally I still dont feel right, confident, independanent, etc that big black cloud is still hanging over me!!

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Craig Says:

You must bare in mind it takes time for your brain to get your natural endorphins and seratonine to slowly start to work again, each day might seem like a lifetime but in reality your getting better but you can't notice it because of the cravings, try to defeat your bad thoughts with all you positive ones cos it sounds to me like you are very strong minded , please believe me I know every dark thought, pain and constant cravings your having, I just thought of my family, maybe even talking about it like now helped, when you start to get better soon you will feel so proud of yourself, one day at a time, be good, Craig

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Jenny Says:

Are these blue 7.5mg zopiclone the same as the 7.5 mg white tablets? Do they have the same ingredients?

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Zorbie Says:

Re: snewy (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hi snewy, I'm addicted to Zopiclone (7.5 mg) for about 6 years now. I think I'm mildly depressed but that could be due to other issues (stress, kids, etc). I take pills per night and sleep great, I take nothing and I wake up with a cold sweat every night.

I am just wondering you've found any solution to your problem? I have a feeling I'll need to kick this soon before it gets worse. Would love to hear from you.

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Floydfan Says:

I have Zopiclone 7.5mg. They are while tablets, heavily scored on one side, with ZOC 7.5 written on the reverse. They look absolutely normal and they have the notorious awful aftertaste that Zopiclone has. It appears they have been manufactured in the USA. They have arrived in a bottle imprinted with the word Zopiclone. The bottle contains 100 tablets. Has anybody else any experience of these tablets and can reassure me whether or not they are Zopiclone (made by Watson)?

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darkey Says:

Re: Floydfan (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Hi yes these are zopiclone as I get them from my chemist in the UK every week and they work good .

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