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Zomax Reaction

In March of 1983 I was given Zomax for depression and traumatic stress disorder just before I moved back to Alaska. I had been taking it for about 3 days and we were on the road. I was taking a break from driving and as we were coming into Pocatello, Idaho my husband at that time woke me up. My lips were huge and swollen and my eyes were almost swollen shut. I was also having a hard time breathing. We went straight to the emergency room in Pocatello and I was told I was going into anaphylactic shock. They administered a shot of adrenalin and said that I was lucky to have gotten there when I did and hadn't gone on to Boise before seeking treatment because there was no emergency room between Pocatello and Boise and my throat was swelling shut and I could have suffocated and died. The ...

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Zomax Death

I recently discovered my mother took zomax and died from this medication. The drug was taken off the market the day after she died. I know now there were many case suits but I did not know that she had taken the drug until recently. She was only 64 years old. My children/her grandchildren missed out on having their grandmother. My father was so lonely without her. Why didn't someone tell us about the legal proceedings back in 1983? ## Hello, Lou! How are you? Sorry about your loss. Zomax was removed from the market due to the fact that it caused a very large number of anaphylactic shock reactions, which is a severe type of allergic reaction that can be life threatening. Is that what your mother died from? Learn more Zomax details here. ## Yesterday Doctor advice me with precipition ...

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I took one of these Zomax in 1981 at the age of 19. I immediately became hot and passed out. By the time,my parents got me to the ER, I only had a pulse under my tongue. They had to shock me. I was obviously ok, however, they told me to never ever take another NSAID (anti-inflammatory) again. Now later in life, I need some NSAIDS for arthritis. Has anyone else who had a reaction taken any other types of these drugs since then? I am scared to put a Tylenol in my mouth due to this experience. ## With your history, you need to see a rheumatologist. There are many options for arthritic patients these days. A specialist is best to outline your options in consideration of your history. ## there is no magic treatment for osteoarthritis! aspirin, tylenol, and nsaid type drugs. if allergic to on...

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too close for me

I was given a script for zomax in 1983, for bursitis. It worked wonders with no side effects. A few months later my bursitis flared up. I still had my zomax, so I took one. Within a minute I new I was in trouble. I was alone with my 2 small children and my sisters 2 children. I called my parents and could barely speak. They got me to the hospital in less than 10 minutes from the time I called them. I was in anaphylactic shock, they had to give me a shot in my chest. I don't remember what else they did to me. I spent 3 days in the hospital. Just because you take something and have no problem, doesn't mean you won't develope an allergy to it later on. I didn't find out they took it off the market until sometime in the 90's. That's the closest to death I've ever...

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Is Zomax Available Antwhere?

I feel horrible for those who had frightening experiences with the drug Zomax, but for me it was a miracle. I have had Degeneritive Osteoarthritis since the age of 7.. Zomax was extremely effective for me and there has been no drug approximating its effectiveness since it was taken off the market. I would love to find access to this drug if it is still manufactured anywhere. Thanks! ## Amen to that! Zomax is as of this time the -only- pain killer that has actually worked to stop pain for me. I get no affect from opiate-based drugs - and regular aspirin is about the only analgesic that helps at all. [Anti-inflammatories help for swelling but not pain.] I SO VERY MUCH wish Zomax was on the market again. ## pure stupidity,is the only excuse i can think of for taking zomax off the maket.it ...

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pain/arthritis medication ## This drug was discontinued in 1983. You can read more information about it at Drugs/Zomax.asp ## I was prescribed with Zomax and Flexeril together for back pain and it was one of the best weeks of my life until I had to stop taking them. I was in a constant "I don't care zone". It was great but I couldn't function. I really didn't care but I had a job so I had to come down. I don't think the cops liked me laughing at them either when stopped at stop lights (yeah, I was driving). Sorry to see it go. ## I took one Zomax pill back in early 80's for pain from a broken finger. Within minutes I started to feel strange and started to my room to lie down. Never made it, passed out and son carried to me to bed. I awoke & felt ok, but h...

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Zomax - my experience

I was 31 when I start taking Zomax . In to my third week I start to have frightening experience with my personality, felt like I was going crazy, I would stare for long periods of time and could not stop .My behavior was not normal (my family commented that I was going crazy) Lucky for me I had refillable prescription (month to month bases ,took zomax only for one month) .After hearing on the news that people should stop taking Zomax because some people died , I never went for refill, and that probably saved my life.