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cara Says:

ALL CVS pharmacies just changed the zolpidem from MYLAN manufacturer (out of PA) to TORRENT in India. Because generics can certain behave differently, I am nervous about taking the (10 mg) oblong peach Torrent brand one after reading some things online. I also don't like the idea of CVS using from out of the country manufacturer which HAS to be due to a better price because MYLAN brand is still very readily available. Any comments?

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Verwon Says:

The country doesn't matter, as long as the manufacturer has approval from the FDA for their products to be sold in the U.S., CVS or any other pharmacy, can stock their products.

There can be some differences in generic medications, however, this usually doesn't affect the greater number of the people that take it.

If you are aware of how it normally effects you, then you should contact a doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms of side effects.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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Roger Dodger Says:

CVS has given me generic from Teva, that was about a year ago.

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tadida Says:

The Torrent brand of 10 mg ambien, peach oblong pill, is horrible! I have not slept at all in the past 2 weeks while taking it. I am exhausted. I will be transferring my prescriptions from CVS to a pharmacy that supplies the white pills.

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Susan Says:

I'm glad to know I am not the only one who is NOT sleeping since CVS changed to a peach colored generic ambien. Question is, What can we do about it? Help!

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AshleyB Says:

I just got an Rx of Torrent Zolpidem 10mg & after having bad experiences w/ a few other mfgs (Teva, Wockhardt, etc) I had read SOMEWHERE that Torrent was good BUT after reading TONIGHT, I haven't read 1 good thing about Torrent. I know I can get Mylan from Rite Aid but this Rx can't be transferred anymore now. I pray it works for ME! if not, I'll go straight back to Rite-Aid & get Mylan.

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Gene Says:

I have a prescription for Zolpidem Tartrate from my primary care doctor. However, the pharmacy that I use switched pharmaceutical manufacturers from Qualitest to Mylan. The Mylan is inferior. I would like to purchase Qualitest Zolpidem Tartrate or if it goes by the Indian manufacturer name Torrent that is also fine. Who do I phone or email to obtain Qualitest or its Indian equivalent, but Mylan is definitely inferior.

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Gene Says:

Based on your response to my inquiry regarding Zolpidem Tartrate manufactured by Qualitest, where can order it on line or by telephone?

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Gene Says:

I live in Denver, Colorado. I have prescription from my primary care doctor for Zolpidem Tartrate. I have always used the Zolpidem Tartrate made by Qualitest and found it very helpful. Where on line or by phone can it be ordered? Qualitest specifically?

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Marley Says:

My generic ambien was swapped to Torrent also (get them at CVS). Obviously, they aren't working as well or I wouldn't be online trying to find out if others are having the same problems. I guess the best solution is to swap pharmacies :\

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Christine Says:

It's 2:52 a.m. i got Torrent Zolpidem (oblong, small, peach-colored) a few days ago from my CVS pharmacist and haven't slept since. i used to take the zolpidem from Mylan (round, medium, lavender-colored) which worked great, and had the extra advantage that you could break them not only in half but in quarters. I guess I'll have to switch pharmacies. Anyone know drugstore or grocery store chains where I can still get Mylan?

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Anita Says:

Just today I asked my pharmacist if he'd had any complaints about the generic ambien. It has been inconsistent for me for a while, but Sat night the Torrent I took kept me awake all night and I was a mess on an busy Sunday (the reason I took it in the first place). I've started going to CVS and just noticed the manufacturer on the label for the first time, so I tried googling it and found this thread. I'm going to get a few overpriced real ambien next and see if they still work for me, then if they do, I'm switching pharms to try other generic mfrs.

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maria Says:

I am wondering what manufacturer makes the generic ambien (10mg) tabs that are round, yellow, three letters on one side etc. I just filled my refill and got an oblong white pill with a weird number on it, nothing that makes me feel "right" about taking it. I'd like to know which company makes my original generic ambien and where to get it. frustrating!

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Anita Says:

Well, instead of doing what I said I was going to do in my last post (get some real Ambien), I decided to ask for the Mylan generic. The pharmacist told me she had some, and when I picked them up, I found that the mfr name on the label said Torrent! The pharmacist on duty said he thought Mylan had been bought by Torrent. The pills were different (round, purple, with M Z2 or ZZ or 22 on them), so I gave them a try. They're a pain to cut in half, being round (I had to use a knife and cannot break them by hand). But, no matter, it didn't work for me, although instead of feeling like it was keeping me awake, instead it felt like nothing.

I will go off of Ambien for a while and then try one of the two Torrent pills I already have, to see if that make a difference (I do know I can get too used to them and they lose their effectiveness). If I still get no sleep, I will ask for 5 or 10 real Ambiens as my next refill (but alas, I have to wait 30 days to try that now).

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John Haigh Says:

As a worthwhile note I too am not having problems with the CVS Zolpidem version

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Anita Says:

When I told the pharmacist that I wanted to fill the next prescription with name brand Ambien, she suggested I ask my doctor for a prescription specifying "no generics". That way I'd get a reduced price. And so, I filled the entire prescription of 30 pills with "real" Ambien for $60, rather than for about $300. (The generic cost me $3).

It works GREAT, just like it used to. I sleep for a full night, and it puts me to sleep quickly (as a matter of fact, I have to be careful that I don't have something important to do after taking the pill, because I'm out like a light).

Except for the money, I'm a happy camper. I can afford this (I don't use this often, only when critical), but I know it's more difficult for others, and I'm sorry for that.

I can now go on my trip to Haiti and not worry about a week of no sleep in questionable conditions.

I suggest more people ask for a "no generic" prescription and perhaps someone will investigate why the generics don't work for many people.

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Linda Says:

I also am planning to call my doctor for the original ambien. I just started taking the generic form marked E79. I only take half, and only occasionally. It worked to put me to sleep, but two hours later, it was the exact opposite of a sleeping pill. I wanted to go run a few miles, as I could not stay still. This happened two nights in a row, and now I really do not want to try again!

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Marley Says:

I am now getting my generic ambien from Walmart and I have no complaints.

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Marley Says:

I did not like the brand CVS switched to. The one I am getting from Walmart is oblong with an E on one side and 79 on the other side. Amazing difference!

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Kate Says:

The Torrant brand from CVS is the only one that works for me. I've taken 3 Mylan in the last 90 min and am still wide awake. Same thing happens with Teva. Instead of asking CVS to switch back, you need to switch to another pharmacy that carried the generic brand you prefer, that way we all have options.

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Theresa Hamilton Says:

Same here. When Ambien first came out it worked great then generic came, suprised but worked. Now they had orange oblong, or round purple which works very little but better than the white oblong 6469 other side has v..doesn't work at all. I'm gone call around &,see if any ine carries name brand. I think Id callef around b4 &! No one carries name brand. Lossing so much sleep from chronic pain. I sure wish they would stop screwing up the med ingredients

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