Zolofts Interaction With Other Drugs.


Is there any cold medicine I can take that won't have an adverse effecct while taking Zoloft. Couldn't take Nyquil.

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I have passed out two times taking Nyquil along with Zoloft......One time at the dinner table and another time at Walgreens and in my car......My cardiologist took me off Zoloft cold turkey.......I never knew I suffered from anxiety and depression and why my internal med doctor even put me on Zoloft......I passed out on this medicine even when I wasn't taking Nyquil......I have not passed out in over one year now since my cardiologist took me off Zoloft.

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Yes, unfortunately, some medication cause synergistic reactions between each other and aggravate the side effects. SSRI antidepressants are particularly bad for this.

The main problem with cold medications is due to the fact that they can cause drowsiness, just like the Zoloft can, that said, there are a few on the market that don't, however, before using them, I would suggest double checking with your doctor or pharmacist, to be on the safe side.

this site is not medical professionals and don't know your medical history.


Are there any other questions?

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My 17 yr. old granddaughter is on zoloft, and trazodone and was recently prescribed ultram, she does drink alcohol and uses tobacco. When having her weekly urine drug test it comes up positive for cocaine. She is very forthcoming about what and when she uses, and swears that she doesn't use cocaine. Is it possible these things are interacting badly and testing is wrong?

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