Zoloft, Exercise, And Increased Adrenaline??

eah3 Says:

I have been on 150 MG of Zoloft for anxiety for about six month (give or take). It has really help with my panic issues. I have felt much more like my "old" self. I am very active and my energy levels have remained high... I exercise 5-6 times a week (crossfit, kettlebells, intense cardio, and basketball).

My issue/problem - I have been experiencing weird body rushes during heavy/hard workouts. I read up on brain zaps but what I feel is in my body (not head) and only happens when I am working out. It feels like an amped up adrenaline rush that I never experienced pre-zoloft. Could zoloft be casuing this? Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks for any information,


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Verwon Says:

I took Zoloft for a number of years for OCD, but I never experienced such a thing while on it.

Additionally, it's not a noted side effect and I checked the full detailed ones that are provided for physicians.

Learn more Zoloft details here.

An adrenalin rush, however, is something that's usually experienced with workouts, so I have to wonder if you had something odd going on before, when you weren't experiencing it.

Have you consulted your doctor about the issue?

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Gigs Says:

I have the same adrenaline feeling like brain zaps when I exercise! Have u found anything out?

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