Zincovit Tablet And Weight Gain Side Effect

Rev Says:

Im taking follihair and zincovit everyday from past 1 month. I feel my body size is increasing..i feel a bit fat. I take it at night after dinner. Consuming them at night can be the reason for weight gain? Or weight gain is a known side effect?

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sudha Says:

If I take zincovit tablets daily will I put on weight?

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Roberta Says:

Please help. I'm a lady of 27 and weighs 49kg. I want to gain weight. Can I take zicovit?

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Rosewhite Says:

pls am 24 years old; am very skinny nd am tired of insults, pls what drugs shuld I take to enable gain weight within a month! pls replt me.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Rev,

Doing some research I found that Zincovit is just a vitamin for zinc. Oddly enough one of the side effects of increasing your zinc intake is decrease of appetite which should in theory cause you to lose weight not gain it. As for the follihair, there were no medical studies or credible sources that suggest this is a result of administering this product.

Are there any medical issues you are suffering from that is causing you to take the zincovit and follihair?

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Ann Says:

Re: Rosewhite (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

You can take dexone together with vitamin B complex and cyprodine syrup n trust me you will gain weight in less than a month.

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Abi Says:

Re: Ann (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Please tell me, will this medicine help you sleep?

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