Zepose 10 Made By Cipla In India

Christine Says:

Is this legitimate? I'm using it to help withdrawal symptoms from alcohol. I have 10 mg tablets made by Cipla and I am taking half every 4 hours and plan to wean off as quickly as possible. I tried already and clearly cut back too much too fast. How much is safe? I don't want another addiction, but I know I need something, as I've already had a grand-mall seizure a few years ago from alcohol withdrawal. Any advice is welcome.

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Verwon Says:

Zepose is listed as containing the drug Diazepam, but I can't verify the legitimacy of the ones you have, because there are many fraudulent products on the foreign market.

Are there any markings on them, at all?

Learn more Diazepam details here.

How much have you been drinking and how often?

It may not be safe for you to just try to stop on your own and self-medicate to prevent the DTs.

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BTusa Says:

The Zepose 10 from Cipla I recently received from India ARE NOT 10 mg of Valium. They even came in a blister pack. I would say at BEST they contain maybe 1-2 mg of something that makes you a little drowsy but that's it. I would have to say I got totally ripped off.

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Tyson Says:

Are zoopos 10mg from india how do u no if there fake or why can't u get the blues On line

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Shawna Says:

@ BTusa. I ordered the same thing from India (manufactured from Cipla). I'm kind of scared to take them. Does your pill look like just a plain white circle with a cross in the middle to be able to cut it in half & quarter it if needed....and it has no writings on the pill, just the X.
And did you take the whole tablet at once? because i'm just thinking of taking a quarter of it just to see how it works...

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Chris420 Says:

I also bought 100 10mg Zepose-10 which are all white, double scored w/ no letters or #'s. Only in US and UK meds do I find letters and #s but never form India and the meds seem to be cheaper but dont feel as strong as the ones we get either in USA or the UK. I have heard things like the purity can range up to 50% in the india mfg. pills so the 10mgs are only 5mgs but why does it say 10mg Diazepam IP on the back w/ the date of exp/ and mfg? Does not make since but I do feel like there not the same or do not produce the same effect as the Valium 10mgs make in the US. This can also be caused by different non-active ingredients in the pill such as binders and buffers that make up the pills form and to keep the pill together. But for the man who is using these realy unknown pills to combat alcohol w/d's which can be deadly as I also have w/drawled a # of times and have used valium up to 150mgs per day. 120mg's daily is the max BTW and 150mg was what they were providing me with in the rehab until the mistake was taken care of cause I could have a 10mg every 1-2hrs as needed. I would not at least in the beggining take less then 10mgs valium per 4hrs. u need the full dose as to not go into w/d or have a seizure again! if u dont overdose w/ the valium and take for over a month u should have no prob. gettin off them right away or a small taper may make it better if u used a lot or need them in a way such as I did. I felt after 19days of everyday 1-2hr 10mg valium use that the w/ds were mild compared to those I would have if I dosed w/ say xanax or even klonopins. Valium is the best choise but if u need them for w/ds I would just pay more and get the brand name ones here in the us if at all possible. This is now legal in usa in a 3mo. supply and very easy to find all over the net of diff. OLPs! just find the best poss. price as they will be about 3-4times the amount of the one's overseas in India but will contain the real diazepam in the correct dose they u wanted. Either 2, 5, or 10mg forms are availible and buying the 10's and breaking them in half is ofcorse ur best bet price wise and if for w/d symptoms get the 10's 4sho no matter what!!! U will need the xtra effects that the benzo provides if u have w/drawls or have GAD in the way that u have panic assciated w/ the GAD. My dose recommendation for GAD is 2-3 10mg's Eday and no more than 60mg's if panic is in the equation. Also clonazepam work better for the panic attacks as I suffer from both GAD w/ panic disorder and use 2-3mg clonazepam eday for 14yrs. and have only suffered 4-5 attacks which were not to bad and short-lived compared to having no benzo in my system at all. Ok hope this helps a bit, Sincerely, Chris B-

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Chris420 Says:

Yes, I agree w/ this comment and u realy should make sure u have the real stuff expecially if ur going to use them for alcohol at home detox which in itself is already quite dangerous! Yes this is a form of Valium but Generic and also prob. contains 50% of the active ingredient when compared to the USA brand name or Generic products/valium on the market. This is due to diff. health and proper guidelines that are looser in other countries so from what I've found cause I own the exact same brand, of generic Cipla zepose-10 valiums, tryed 30mg/3 tablets yesterday and it felt like I took 12-15mg's of the USA generic brands such as the most popular and used ROCHE's that are my fav. and they make excellent kpins as well as many other great generic medications/drugs. If u see a ROCHE and the # like 2 or 10 then that is the dose of active ingredient and also those are the ones that have been seen and used in the USA rehab centers by med pro's and doctors for decades! I thought I would add this as I see people wondering if there ROCHE tablets and capsules are leget, well in short YES there not only leget but IMO the best Generic meds on the market today! also the fancy V that people are questioning are make by Quilitest and are good generic meds commonly found in US pharmicies everywhere! Hope this helps out and u can always comment and I will get back asap ok? Thanx and be safe, and enjoy life responsibly as possible, Sincerely, CAB-

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Cindy Says:

Are Zepose 10 legitimate and do they provide the same effects as a domestic brand?

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Jason Says:

You must be over the worst now, try cutting back & see your Dr. It's an old adage, but he sees it EVERY DAY my friend.

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fozzy0711 Says:

I hav recently started taking Cipla Dopose-10 diazepam ip 10mg and found them to be really effective, any thoughts on these wud be welcome.

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Robert Preston Says:

A Detiox from alcohol should be done using a sliding taper detox [often 12-14 days] using Chlorodiazepoxide [Librium] or Diazepam [Valium].

Anything longer than 14 day detox is NOT needed for alcohol W/D. If you need more, you are just an addict too, on top of being a drunkard.

And go see your GP, you are clearly after the valium effects, otherwise you'd know your GP will prescribe you librium for withdrawal.

A standard dose is 10mg Diazepam, often up to 4 times a day for most severe withdrawal

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John Says:

They work fine.I Order them as I need them.They come from India.
These medications seem to work better then the U.S. medication Diazepam.
10mg Zepose (Cipla) absolutely effective.
I was even told by a U.S.doctor of neurology that alot of the medications that come from other countries are better then what we have here.Example Poland makes a
pill for indigestion called Rainegest.I tried it and within 10 minutes gone was my indigestion.Forget about Tums or anything else.Amazing........

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Lemon Says:

A bit controversal but did anyone watch the British Dispatches programme other week about placebos? Amazing! That's the way forward as far as I'm concerned I found it to be the best thing I've seen in terms of tapping into our own chemicals and power of the mind to resolve medical conditions such as Parkinson's and other problems

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Stevie Says:

I bought some zepose 10 the other day when I chewed it, tasted exactly like the diazepam I got from my doc so there is defo diazepam in them. Just how much is the question

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marty Says:

I wouldnt trust Foriegn makes..my friend says the uk activist diazapam 10 mg blue tablets are the best brand.

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Jay Says:

Everybody I have tried MSJ branded blues, proper Roche and at the end of the day I am sitting here with blisters of Zepose-10mgs. Maybe they vary, but the white, quarter-scored Zepose I have always got give exactly the same effect.

Perhaps they do vary but everybody slates Zepose for being random doses (IE less than 10mg, maybe not even Diazepam at times??) whereas I've tried a lot of real brands and they are EXACTLY the same.

Maybe I've been lucky but I've just taken 20mg Cicla branded Zepose on empty stomach and they hit me reasonably hard.

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crazy diamond Says:

Ive jut tried Zepose white 10mg that i bought in the blister pack, I just took some for my nerves and just lost a great chunk out of my right thigh due to blood poisoning, the dr wont give me any pain relief, I was on oxiconton and oxicodeine but they stopped them and im in severe pain, will these Zepose ten mg help me?

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stevvi Says:

yeh they are deffo valium, i get the zepose.....if i cant get the roche i always look for the zepose.....i also like to let the pills dissolve on my tounge, i like the taste of it so i know exactly what valium taste like and these are deffo the real deal.....i only take valium to get off my head....i wish i could stop but im 33 now and i have been like this since i was 14.......but anyway the zepose 10mg white tabs are deffo decent.....the ones i get are anyway.

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MistaP85 Says:

I have taken Benzodiazepines on & off for the last 10 years, I've taken many different brands/types of Diazepam. Actavis & Teva ect from UK pharmacies, many different types of loose blue's that came from tubs of 500 or 1000. And as someone with a really high tolerance i.e I can still function after 140mg of Actavis Diazepam. I've just taken 60mg of Zepose-10 by Cipla 1hr ago and they're the real deal, just as strong as any other genuine brands of Diazepam....well the ones I have are! I suppose they are subject to being counterfeited just like Roche and many other brands have ect, that may account for the bad reviews on here maybe?
There's another brand from India that I slightly prefer Biopose-10 by spectrum they are plain white too but they don't have any score lines or markings but come in strips of 10 same as Zepose. Hope this post is helpful guys :)

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MistaP85 Says:

As a fellow person who takes Diazepam stevvi if you can't get Roche or Zepose-10 try and get Biopose-10 made by Spectrum they're a plain white 10mg tablet but don't have any score lines or markings, they come in a very similar looking blister pack of 10 tablets too

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rocket34 Says:

i got zepose dissolved on my tongue didnt have the usual diazepam taste...this normal for zepose? different base maybe

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