Zendol-sr Tramadol Tablets 100 Mg

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round and orangs tablets, i do not know if this tablets are definitively the true tramadol

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Crystal Says:

What are the markings on the pill? I would need to know any numbers or letters on the pill in order to determine if this is Tramadol.

Please post back so I can further assist you.

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Roy Says:

It states on the manufacturer's web site that Zendol-SR is a Tramadol tablet. http:/­/­www.zenlabsindia.com/­proton-pump-inhibitor.html#analgesics

Since they are manufactured outside the United States (in India) it cannot be verified locally what the active + inactive ingredients are.

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terry Says:

orange is suppossed to be tramadol label say zendol-sr tablets

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Santana Says:

Zendol SR is Tramadol. There is very little argument within the pharmaceutical community. They believe what is happening is India is taking advantage of America's degrading opinion of their country and there country' scientific nohow. Fact is, India has more Ph.D.'s than any other country in the world. tramadol is by far the largest selling medication that has ever come into the U.S. from a foreign country. Now the crux of the matter. India tramadol is larger by 15mg and has 3 additional 'active ingredients' that through law we are not allowed to know. As an ending of sorts, India has already taken 13% of the WORLD market and fully expects dominance of the United States within 2 years. They are doing this by being smart as hell, hiring the best people and equipment on earth and by having CEOs who will fire on the spot any employee who even slightly utters anything at all about a box.
Kind of an interesting side note: The Name of the 3rd largest diversified med. company in the world is . ZENDOL..

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kelly Says:

no letters or markings just light orange round

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Gerald74 Says:

Santana wrote:
"America's degrading opinion of their country and
there(their?) country'(country's) scientific nohow(know-how?)."
Santana, you can't even SPELL know-how.
India has 1 billion people. They SHOULD have a high total number
of Ph.D.s. Whether they have a higher per-capita number of Ph.D.s
is another question.
"has 3 additional 'active ingredients' that through law we are not
allowed to know." What? 3 secret active ingredients? What if
someone is allergic to one of these substances? Scary stuff.
The only Indian manufactured Tramadol that I have tried,
'OL-TRAM', tasted like rubber. What filler are they using?
More scary stuff, and no thanks.

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Catpower Says:

Tramadol a proton pump inhibitor? This sounds very suspicious, and if it came from India ordered via the internet without a legit scrip (or even with one) I would not trust this drug as far as I could throw it. Tramadol is a pretty good mild painkiller I have never heard of it being used as a PPI but I'm not an expert.

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anned Says:

Hi : ) I just got some Tramadol 50mg. that I ordered from HAB. There are no markings on the pills, just a little white, round pill. In a blister pack. Are they really Tramadol???

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Rally Says:

Ol-tram = bunk for a fact.
I've been scammed by this before

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Nikki Says:

I received and PAC of Tramadol and it says tram a jack / 200 Tramadol hydrochloride BP 200 milligram. They are a pretty large round pink tablet that is scored down the middle with no markings on. Is this a true Tramadol and if it is what does the BP stand for is it extended release or immediate-release? Please help

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