Zapiz Side Effects

chandrajeet yadav Says:

mai zapiz 0.25 karib 2 mahine se le raha hu mujhe iske side effect ke bare me mujhe bataye pls

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luz y agus Says:

te quiero hermanitaa hasta el infinitoo y siempre voy a estar a tu lado!!

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Navin Badani Says:

My doctor prescribed me Zapiz 0.5 in place of ZEPOSE 0.5 mg as Zepose is not available. I am 72 . What is the side effect ? Does it creat constibution problem ? Can one become adict to it ?

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krishna Says:

I'm taking Nexito forte half in the afternoon for BP and a half tab of losar beta for the last 14 years now, as due to diabetes I developed nerve problems and could not sleep. I'm 66 and I think even if it becomes a habit to get good sleep at night which is a must, at night I take zapiz .25. Even if side effects are there we will have to bear it as who the hell wants to live up to 90 yrs old, so live fully dear.

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