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chad Says:

I was on subutex 8mg and ive been reading about these new subutexs with the 8 and the arrow on them. I got a different kind there zubsolv 5.7 mg/1.4 mg? I dont understand is one of these pills equal to a 8 mg? There small white round tablet imprinted with 5.7 on the front?

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Verwon Says:

Subutex contains just the narcotic Buprenoprhine as the active ingredient, so an 8mg tablet of it contains that much of the Buprenorphine

Where the Zubsolv is actually an equivalent to Suboxone, because it contains the Buprenorphine (in this case 5.7mgs) and Naloxone (in this case 1.4mgs).

Learn more Subutex details here.

Learn more Suboxone details here.

So no, they aren't equal to the 8mg Subutex tablets.

This medication is a narcotic opiate, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Daisy Says:

I hope I am doing this right, as I am new to message boards and forums...

Anyway, on topic, I just switched to zubsol 3 days ago and will share how it has been for me thus far. I used the coupon my doctor gave me, which can be used twice a month. Of my prescription, I filled 12 tabs at 5.7mg (equal to 8mg suboxone) for about $25. This is a decent savings from what I was paying for the suboxone film with coupon. The pill itself is better in that it is smaller, devolves better, and has less of an aftertaste. The bioavailability of zubsolv also seems to be noticeably better, which brings up a concern...tapering. I had decided it was time to taper from the film, an easier decision to adhere to when you don't really feel the effects of your medication. But the new zubsolv worked for me the way the suboxone tabs did the first couple days I took it, giving me that slight euphoric feeling and a nudge (motivation). But perhaps this too will only be the initial reaction, lasting just a couple/few days, and instead will do a better job of allowing me to go longer between doses. It's going to be somewhat more challenging to cut the dose down, as this pill is small and not perforated, but will figure that out since it is far superior to the film in every other way.

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Louis E Baxter MD FASAM Says:

Hi, Chad. This is a question that would be best answered by your doctor to ensure that you are prescribed the appropriate dosage. ZUBSOLV (buprenorphine and naloxone) sublingual tablet (CIII) is available in two doses: 5.7-mg/1.4-mg buprenorphine/naloxone, round tablet and 1.4-mg/0.36-mg buprenorphine/naloxone, triangular tablet. ZUBSOLV is indicated for the maintenance treatment of opioid dependence and should be used as part of a complete treatment plan that includes counseling and psychosocial support.

Because ZUBSOLV tablets deliver more active ingredient to the bloodstream, it allows patients to use a lower strength, thereby reducing the amount of available drug for potential misuse and diversion. In fact, ZUBSOLV contains less buprenorphine than other buprenorphine/naloxone-containing sublingual tablets but achieves similar systemic exposure.

An effective treatment approach for opioid dependence is a comprehensive one that includes pharmacological therapy, counseling, and psychosocial support.

Do not inject ("shoot-up") ZUBSOLV. Injecting ZUBSOLV may cause life-threatening infections and other serious health problems. Injecting ZUBSOLV may cause serious withdrawal symptoms such as pain, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, sleep problems, and cravings.

ZUBSOLV is a controlled substance (CIII) because it contains buprenorphine, which can be a target for people who abuse prescription medicines or street drugs. Keep your ZUBSOLV in a safe place to protect it from theft. Never give your ZUBSOLV to anyone else; it can cause death or harm them. Selling or giving away this medicine is against the law.

Note: I am compensated by Orexo to provide expertise and for my time to post.

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vixen Says:

If you take the 5.7 and the 1.4 together it is suppossed to be the same as 8mg sub

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Rubin Says:

No according to my doc, 5.7mg of Zubsolv will give you the same effect as 8mg Suboxone film. Zubsolv dissolves very fast and hence gives same concentration of Bupe in your blood. However, since you don't swallow as much saliva (with some bupe) the side effects like constipation will be less.

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Walter Tang Says:

I was taking 16 mg's of Suboxone...The orange pills two times a day for two years...Then the county cut off my funding...It has been four months now and i have relapsed to 6 hydrocodones and 8 tramadol's a day...somehow it doesn't feel the same as it used to....like something has changed inside of me...Will zubsolv help me feel normal again and put me in a better mood?...My mood is not good...even though the hydro and tramadol don't make me feel that great like they used to before I started the two year run of suboxone, I can't seem to stop taking it...i really shouldn't be alive at this point in my life as i have been a hardcore drug user for just over 40 years...I am hoping that zubsolv helps me feel better--more normal--better mood--some energy and motivation...I know this is a tall order...I am on SSDI and only draw a little each month...so...Maybe Zubsolv is less expensive than the 748.00 the 60 8mg orange pills of suboxone were...even though it was getting paid for by the county...Anyone out there have ANY thoughts at all on my odd situation?

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blide Says:

Ive been on Zubsolv the past 3 days, ive took subozone/subutex for the past 5 years daily. Zubsolv is absolute dog s***. I've took x3 the recommended dose and get absolutely nothing from it. Guess ill call my doctor on monday, of course hes gunna think im full of s*** and make me suffer through this s*** for a month. F*** zubsolv in my opinion, the way it feels right now, ill be in withdraws this evening.

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Amber Says:

Walter... I recently went to see a Dr to get put back on Subs for chronic pain and mood/depression crap that comes with CPP. I never have been able to get to a comfortable point on regular opiates prescribed for pain ever again after I built up a tolerance for them. Bupe, however, worked very great for me. I took it for a few months for the physical withdraw symptoms of quitting OC. Even with insurance Suboxone is very expensive. Luckily, I was able to try month of Zubsolv for free w/coupon from my Dr. So far, it has been okay. I am pretty sensitive to changes in medication so I was expecting the worst. I think that they have worked equally well, and the taste is better. They do dissolve quicker too, for the most part... I think I just have a weird case of dry mouth most of the time.... Anyway, hope that helped.. I would deff give it a try... I know bupe is the only thing I have found that does an all around good job for me. Mood, focus, sleep, pain, etc...

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Amber Says:

Walter... Hello.. Just wanted to let you know that Bupe works for me in the same way as an helper with mood. I take bupe for pain management.. figured out it was the only thing that helped in multiple areas of my overall emotional, mental, and physical well being. I also don't notice much of a tolerance build-up, like that of typical opiate pain medication. I started Zubsolv last week ... so far so good...

Zubsolv Details

This link talks a little about the study specific to anti-depressant properties...A clinical trial conducted at Harvard Medical School in the mid-1990s demonstrated that a majority of unipolar non-psychotic patients with major depression refractory to conventional antidepressants and electroconvulsive therapy could be successfully treated with buprenorphine. Clinical depression is currently not an approved indication for the use of any opioid, but some doctors are realizing its potential as an antidepressant in cases where the patient cannot tolerate or is resistant to conventional antidepressants.

Both mental and physical pain are regulated by the same chemical networks in the brain. Depression is commonly accompanied by comorbid pain symptoms. Endogenous opiates, such as endorphins and enkephalins, mediate pain perception in the body. In the brain, they are significantly involved in regulating mood and behavior, and decreasing the perception of pain and depression. Even a partial agonist at the µ-opioid receptor (like buprenorphine) releases serotonin and dopamine in the CNS, but to a lesser degree than full agonists do. This slight release of serotonin and dopamine may also contribute to the anti-depressant properties of buprenorphine, especially those with a pre-existing mental disorder.

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jillybean Says:

I've been on suboxon for two years and my insurance want pay for it anymore they will pay for zubsolv my Dr switched me over yesterday to zubsolv I take 5.7 x2 a day I'm so sleepy and having headaches and bad dreams already my pharmacy said this dose is actually higher than what I was taking of the sub oxen I was taking 2 8mg a day of suboxon how am I taking more now than before because they are suppose to equal the same my pharmacy told me to take one instead of two he said the reason I'm having these side effects is because my dosage is actually higher now that I'm on zubsolv is that true why am I feeling different from the change over

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John Says:
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U know if u get back to suboxone now from tramadol just do it for one month And start with very small dose ,then u can get clean with almost no withdrawl

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buckeyekid Says:
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On 1.4 mg of zubsolv/day. Going to stop all together tomorrow. How long before I will feel ok? Dr wouldn't see me because I forgot my copay. Wow! 6 years in the program and they are treating this like drug dealers do. No money no drugs!

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Romeo129 Says:

Well I would say if you can afford to buy all those vicodin and other drugs you are taking now off the street then why can't you afford the suboxone? I bet the subs add up to less cost then the narcs off the street. But anyway, Yes the zubsolv costs a lot less than subs and will have the same affect on you that the subs did. Good luck to you.

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Romeo129 Says:

what the heck are you talking about? makes no sense.

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Subsavedme Says:

Research next time 8mg/2mg suboxone=5.7mg/1.4mg Zubsolv

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Bruce W. Says:
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Ok, here's the straight dope.

I was 19 when I shattered my hand, breaking it in several places and crushing parts of the bone, while also severing three tendons. Needless to say : Ouch.

I was placed on a fairly normal dose of morphine and Percocet which I took prior to surgery. It may have been a bit higher than normal due to some natural opiate resistance I had, despite never having used painkillers or opiates outside of ER visits.
I took the meds until I was sent in for a lengthy reconstructive surgery repair the tendons and build up the jagged fragments of bone so that I might one day make a fist again. Again: Ouch.

Anyway, I was in physical therapy for so long that I finally just stopped going (what an i**** I was) and I met with a surgeon once a week for a year. Long story short, I really, really, really messed myself up. It was over a year before I could make a fist, and because I was so punk rock and awesome, I went out of my way to re-train myself to play guitar with the less injured fingers and the thumb, and I proceeded to play shows with my band, ending each with blood covering my Stratocaster.

Anyway, after about year , the pain meds stopped coming. I had no idea how utterly dependent I'd become on them. I was hit with a very nasty withdrawal and I didn't even know what was happening.

Eventually, I quit therapy, stopped wearing the cast and paying for visits, and just bought painkillers from friends. I didn't have the money for the therapy, and I was a college student with stuff to do!

Before long, I was a functioning drug addict. I took everything from codeine to H to deal with the pain and I just lived an otherwise normal life. Finally I broke down and asked my family doctor for help, because I was so depressed about my situation and I wanted my to end. Nothing felt good anymore, and everything hurt.

I went to rehab. They put me on suboxone and treated me like an addict, and they never seemed to even factor in the fact that a year ago, my hand looked like an elephant ear (the kind you get at the fair or whatever), and from that point forward, I was a junkie. NOT an opioid dependent person struggling to control massive pain levels (which have only slightly lessened over the eleven years since this happened).

I went from suboxone to "relapsing" to methadone (200+ mgs/day prescribed at a clinic), which was so much more helpful and I was actually able to bring myself all the way down to 0mg.

However, junkie label had been placed on me, and even though I was in school again, getting great grades, working and contributing to my family, I ran into trouble when my mother found out that I'd been taking psychiatric anxiety medications (prescribed) like klonipin and Xanax, and maybe some Ambien. I want abusing them, but she said I had to go back to rehab or I was no longer going to be a part of her life.

So I quit my job and dropped out of school and went to a famous rehab facility. They found a small amount of opiate in my urine (I'd verb prescribed Norcos for a dry socket I developed after having a tooth pulled.

And they said they wanted to put me on suboxone, and I laughed. And I said no. But as the benzos started working out of my system and my hand began to are up ( no excedrin aspirin ibuprofen, Etc) I became pretty miserable, and said fine , give me the subs. I knew they'd buzz me out and I was in need of some buzzing. I resisted as much as I could, but the doctors just PUSH.

Now it's been five more years, and I'm STILL ON THE SUBOXONE. I try to ween down but my doctor doesn't care and doesn't listen. For a while I was on pure Buprenorphine, which worked well, but that doctor passed away, and the. I was back on the Brandwagon.

So the doctor just switched me to Zubsolve and I'm experiencing some really weird sensations. First off, I'm way short on my medication, but I haven't taken any extra. Am I having memory problems? Second I feel like I'm dope sick, but the doctor says that 8 mg suboxone and. 5.7 mg zubsolve are the same. I understand part of that is the change in the naloxone, but how the hell can that be? I did some matron it and I don't understand how the numbers in the physicians guidebook were reached. There is no way they can be equal in effect. Even if they are, that is only at a 90% confidence interval, meaning one in ten will experience some other affect.

And withdrawal symptoms headaches and respiratory depression were in the 20-30% range for non - placebo group.

My doctor would not listen to me when I called and said that I was having some trouble. Pain all over, shakiness, etc. he refused to help me, and I had to take a few methadone from a friend to get through the weekend.

Mean anyone relate to this? I don't do any drugs. I don't drink. I'm the most sober person I know. Yet, my pain goes untreated and my clean UA's go ignored and the fact that I've been on this cycled for a decade+ doesn't matter to anyone!!

I feel like I should be on a low dose of 10mg methadone pills per day. One lol cut in half, half in the am half in the pm. Or even buprenorphine if methadone won't work (because nobody makes money on it.)

Does anyone have any advice? At this point I'm a college graduate with a salary position at a respected company, and I've been free of recreational opiates since 2005.

What should I do? What path should I seek out? Should I just keep playing games with these doctors who don't actually want me to get better? I am going to lose my job because my doc insists on seeing me every month, even though in this state every 3 months is acceptable) and this is not the first time I've been dope sick at work.

I'm trying to love a respectable and good life, to start a family. What do I do? How do I get out of this?

Thanks. Sorry for the length.

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Azstunter Says:
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Hey buddy I read your story and I can't tell u how similar my story is!! It took me years to finally find a DR. That cares!! I mean this DR is the best thing that's ever happened to medicine.DR Carlton,he is in east Mesa.

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Joey Says:

Hi ,

I read that you were on the 1.4 mg /.36 mg and were going to be stopping the following day. I am currently on the 5.7mg/1.4 mg and really want to begin my taper but I cannot see my doctor until layer this month. It would be a great help to hear about your experience. I hope that you are feeling okay and that your withdrawals were not too bad. Thanks for your help!

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Carlos Says:

It's been 11 days since the switcch to Zubsolv from Suboxone. Except for about the first 6 or 7 hours after I take the Zubsolv, I feel like a full-blown opiate withdrawl has set in - sleeplessness, cravings, sweating, etc. My doctor says to ride it out and I will because I'm not going to be a pussy about it. But this "absorbtion rate" bull about how 1 Zubsolv is equal to 1 Suiboxone tablet, has got to go. It's a cheap drug and it either doesn't work in some patients or it doesn't contain the amount of the bupe and naloxone that it claims, like most generic drugs do. I feel like these happy-go-lucky postings on forums work for the company that makes the Zubsolv. I am a H, pill junkie and you can't convince me that I'm getting the proper amount of bupe. My body is telling me otherwise and I know my body at the age of 43.

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Joe Says:

Hi Carlos,

I agree with you totally. How are you doing now? I moved so I had to switch doctors and this new doctor isn't familiar with zubsolv. With that being said, he switched me back to suboxone. I have tapered down to 3 mg buprenorphine and .75 mg of nalox. It is getting hard though. I have been having a hard time getting to sleep and I have anxiety but I know a lot of it is mental ( I think). I am starting a new job August 25th, and know that I wont have the downtown to get off of this stuff. I am considering the Rapid Detox method, there are a few places that do this but it is mad expensive. I am having to get a loan for the procedure. They claim to eliminate about 85% of the WD symptoms. The recovery period after is about three weeks and they give you meds to keep you sedated and comfortable after the procedure. This is my personal decision though. Anyway, keep me posted on your progress. I think it is good to have some folks to share your experience with.

Good Luck!

- Joe

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