Zifi 200mg Tablet For Typhoid Fever


Dosage for adult - How many days for treatment - Side effects - Precautions - Etc.

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My family doctor has prescribed ZIFI 200mg Tablet for a week [daily two tablets for seven days]. After four days my body temp. became normal. Hence I thought that how long should I take this treatment. I am now completely well. Thank you for your co-operation in taking intrest in my illness.

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My son 7 years old had a fever 102--103 for 6 days post that on the 7 th day did a test for typhoid and malaria which came negative after a week he suddenly had a low grade fever and looked very washed out so at the start of week 3 did a typhoid test which came positve the dr has prescribed him zifi 200 mg for 10 days wanted to know how come the typhoid test when the fever was on came negative also the dr has not stated any diet is diet needed to be maintained.

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I am 28 m , i am having typoid from last 3 months . In my widal test s.typhi 'o' +ve 1;80 and s.typhi'h' +ve 1:80 still i am having tempt 99-100 whole day and having ploblem in stomach ,indigestion,stools are not ok and gas problem in lower abodmen .plz tell me whom to consult physician or gasterogelist

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oftax taplet two times

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i say to you research a new medicine
to relief gathiyawai and to get fast relex
its desies

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take ciprofloxacin 500 mg instead of zifi...actually its simple with less side effects

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you can use the same medicine for 1 week for complete course.

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I m suffering from typhoid from last 30 days ...i have taken 5 formic injection n cetil 500mg for 3 days....from last week again i m getting temp from 98.7-99.4.......today did widal test ,it reports---typhi O- 1:80 and typhi H- 1:80 ,,paratyphi AH n BH both are negative.....plz suggest me wat to do

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Sir my 7 yers in tifide problam
Plize tritmant

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I have tyhoid and jaundice since 20 days.iam v.serious with low platelets and WBS and my doctor prescribed to take Taxim-o it is for 15 days and i completd this cource..nw no fever..for jaundice tonic given its normal now.but since 5 days am getting very body PAIN and BACK PAIN and it is like strugling to go for sleep am vety struggling plz give me good ideas nd prwsctib me medicin for that am gettong littl fevet...it causing like to die..plz z plz helpme doctors..since am doing b.ed no time admit till a week...now i changd the doctr and another dcr prescribd me today 3 tablets such as ome D. Ortal 25g . And Trophelphy.for two days.a i took in the night but now pain is common.not getting sleep what to do now.

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my doctor has given me zifi turbo 200 600 for 5 days is it used in typhoid i feel fever and cold

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Sir I m suffering from typhoid fever since 40 days . I take treatment but last week again i m getting temp from 98.7-100 today did widal test ,it reports---typhi O- 1:80 and typhi H- 1:80 ,,paratyphi AH n BH both are negative.... Than I changed Dr.
Dr. prescribed me

injection.monocef 1gm. BD for 5 Days
Injection Aciloc 1amp BAD. For 5 Days
Injection.levoflox 100ml Od for 3 Days
Than Tablet Zifi o 200 mg BD for 10 days

Can I take this plz tell me

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I have a very high fever repeating with a chill. My doc has prescribed me Zifi 200. Is it helpful?

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