Yes I Was Released From The Hospital With A Severe Uti Infection And Nitrofurantoin Mono/mac

Kim Says:

Upon being release, not only did/do I have this severe, I believe the Dr, called it, UTI infection, but I have 2 other infections, dehydration, sinunitus, pneaumonia, and infected ears. I do have a variety of medications for each ailment, however, the only one I take more than once a day is the Nitro.Mac/Mono. I am so itchy my skin looks horrible and I cannot find any type of relief. I've NEVER itched like this unless I had poison ivy and now the calamine isnt even phasing this. How likely is it the Nitro.mac/mono responsible for this horribleness that I cant get away from this exhausting itch, havent slept a wink for scratching. Please help me. . .

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kim! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having.

There is a chance that it is due to the Nitrofurantoin, it can cause a non-allergic skin rash as a side effect, as listed by the FDA, along with nausea, dizziness, headache and diarrhea.

However, it could also be from one of your other medications, or a combination. What else are you taking? Can you please post back with more details?

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Kalina Says:

Back to er i was told had worst uti he ever seen n needed emethency surgery na stent put in my kidney or i wold die being scared i agreed he told thats y i had so many uti infec 5 stents n 2yrs later no better more infec ive evr had. Still no progress n learned i was born with a block on my left kidney then recently3weeks ago n this is all dif drs that the dr should not hav told me that it wasnt true n just went again caause stents no.longer workn he wanted to put a balloon in n didnt n i told him i could not handle another stent took stent out now i hav no bladder control n awaitng bladder dr apt i need robotic blader repair surg my apt not till 21st this mo its been a nightmare im no better n aged 8yrs frm stress im 57 speechless what these drs get away with all this for nothn n he even told me if he put balloon in n it didnt work theyed hav to take my kidney out none of what he said he done just a big runaround n im the one suffering cant even enjoy life no more swalkn i loved riding my bike or just gettn out shopping i cant do any of the things that gave life a purpose cant go noware becoz i hav to p every 15 min before i get to the part in store i need to b i have to go all the way back to p again n a bulgiging disk n sinetic nerve pain on top if it all i hate complaining like this the pain in3 areas mire than i can bare i pray alot n saddest part all i hav but thank God my 4 little granchildren here the inly reason i came to ok i kniw nibody ir hav anyone but my g.kuds theyre 8 7 3n1the only time i hear frim them to babysit which they r my only joy so Godbless n comfort all u outthere

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Val Says:

I have to take HCTZ for high blood pressure and now I have a UTI and was prescribed Nitrofurantoin. Can I take both medicines without them affecting each other?

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Dina Says:

I took nitrofurantoin but it has been itching for six days and nights I have been not sleeping can someone help please

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