Yellow Pill T 188 Oxycodone 15 Mgs

Sadie Says:

This is the first time I've been given this tiny yellow oxycodone 15mg it's the smallest 15mg I've ever been given by my pharmacy. Has anyone else had these before? I'm use to the green 16mg A214's. Is there a strength difference? Do they work the same? Please need help I have chronic brain ear Injury and barely get relief from my normal green 15 mg's are these tiny yellows as effective?

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Sadie Says:

Correction imeant to say A214 15mgs not 16mgs. Just made a correction to a misprint. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with any information.

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Relief seeker Says:

I too have been introduced to this new pill and I like them much better than the others. I have had them all from the U23 to the Ks. These seem to work faster and last longer. Just my opinion

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Hec Says:

I just took one t 188 it's the first time I saw one too. My friend gave me one so I had to look it up. I had to question him bout it at first was like yo are u ripping me off what is this. I'm use to seeing green pills. But yeah it's legit just different company logo. But I'll let u know how it is in 30mins when it kicks in lol

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Lorri Says:

I just got my oxycodone 15mg filled on Friday. I just knew they had make a mistake, I always get the light green, and here are the littlest yellow pill ever. I pulled over and looked it up on my phone. They worked great for me, actually better than the green.

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Char Says:

I just got the yellow ones too. Used to green ones. Yellow doesn't seem to work as well to me. Don't know what the difference is but something seems different to me.

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BiggiePaws Says:

I've found them to be a bit stronger than any other 15 I have tried. And come to find out, I wasn't the only one who thought the same. They had a t188 imprint.

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Mary Says:

I just got mine and they are the same pills as you describe. I have always had the green ones too.

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New medication that does not work Cambers Says:

First Cambers oxycodone T 188 does not work for any pain relief and causes many other health concerns. Their medication claims have the following inactive/active per there website - magnesium stearate;microcrystalline cellulose; sodium starch glycolate; colloidal silicon dioxide; lactose; D&C Yellow No. 10. The 15 mg and 30 mg tablets contain the equivalent of 13.5 mg and 27.0 mg, respectively, of oxycodone free base. NEEDS A RECALL !!!!!

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Ladynelson Says:

Re: Relief seeker (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Worst pill ever I have aml in pain 24/7 and I took one it did nothing and I haven't had any pain pills in a few day they had to order them so by me not having anything I'm days I'm thinking it was gonna work help nope

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Popal Says:

I received the tiny yellow things as well. They don't work worth a beans. Funny how all this stuff is going on about pain meds and all of a sudden we all start getting these little yellow things to replace the bigger green ones. Both are supposed to be 15 mg of oxycodone. Yet the little yellow ones have so much filler in them, I don't know how it can have any medication in it. I am a chronic pain patient who was perfectly happy with the green ones that I would take twice a day. Thank God I have 90 of them cause for the first time in like two years I had to take another one mid day and lay down cause I am in so much pain!!! I want the green ones back.

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Gayle Says:

This is the second month I have received the tiny yellow pills. I’ve always had the green ones also. Everyone is different, but for me the yellow ones work better for me.

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Karen D Says:

No not at all. U just as well take u a asprin. Sorry to break the bad news to u & u in so much pain.

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Jessica Rabbit Says:

Re: Char (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I agree. Saw/got em for the 1st time yesterday and thought "WTF"?! And had to look em up (only took me 20 minutes to see the INCREDIBLY small imprint on the INCREDIBLY small pill!)...and yep...they are 15s. But the affect isn't quite there. Don't get me wrong...there was/is some movement going on, but just not what I'm used to. Idk...maybe it's a mind thing? The green ones are small, but these lil bitty ass things are damn near microscopic! Life would be great if I had the recipe :)!!!

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sick n tired Says:

Re: Ladynelson (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I too have AML and am in pain all the time. I need bone marrow transplant n my dr doesnt think i need strong meds anymore since chemo. I live in a small town n was wondering if u had any relief from any other things i was on the 30 mg then 20 but im just about to give up. If u have any suggestions it wouldbe appreciated. Thanks

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Tam Says:

Re: New medication that does not work Cambers (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Why do you say it needs to be recalled? And why is the freebase less than 15? It’s concerning....are the green pills also freebase of around 13?

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Mark Says:

I started taking these today because my pharmacy can't get anything but these. They say there is a shortage and are trying to get a different 15mg generic that most people have said works for them. They told me that they had quite a few complaints about them not being very effective. I can now a test to that fact. I use them for breakthrough pain from oxycontin and I can't tell that I've taken anything for pain. My pain level remains where it's at. They leave a bad taste in my mouth, cause really bad heart burn, I feel jittery and I'm getting a bad systemic itch from them too. No other oxycodone product that I've taken in 30 years has caused these side effects. The Actavis and KVK Tech brand are what my mom & pop pharmacy usually carry and they work OK on my severe pain, but nothing worked as good on my pain as the old Mylan brand. If it wasn't for the high dose of Oxycontin I'm on I'd be up the creek for tolerating my pain with just these worthless Camber generic Roxicodone for the next 30 days... I'll be giving my pharmacy the 88 pills I haven't taken back next month and won't fill my prescription for 15mg Roxicodone if this is the only brand they have. If I took this for a month they'd probably ulcerate my stomach and I'd scratch my hair and skin off! There's no doubt in my mind that I'm having an allergic reaction to something in these pills!

If these work for you then you must not be in severe pain! They should be recalled! I've also read a lot of bad things about Camber pharmaceutical in India while looking for an answer about these pills. They've had alot of complaints about other generic drugs they make and have been fined by the FDA for violations! For our FDA to have actually done something it must have been fairly bad...

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Reppster Says:

Re: Mark (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

I just tried for first time. I usually get the k8 i believe..or a213. Or the m block. I don't think there as strong..and itch also. Why give them back? U don't know anyone who might could use em

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Slick Says:

Re: Karen D (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I just got them. It's a mind thing, same s***. I like them. A lot of ppl are just use to one thing, so when there's a change ppl are already thinking twice.

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kova Says:

I just received my month supply of the 15 mg oxycodone, and the pharmacist said these are the same ones I have been taking, but she then said that these "new" ones are a bit smaller than the previous ones-yellow and round, with a 188 printed on one side. But these ones are making me itch, very badly! Is there anyone out there who is experiencing this awful itching?

AND these "new" ones are causing me to have strange fainting-spells and I keep falling asleep and do not know how long i have been "Out like A Light" and is causing me to have some "forgetfulness" AND my mind is extremely confused! Is there anyone out there having similar "Side Effects" along with systemic itching. My pharmacist knows what could be the Reasons - because she told me that these pills are smaller. I think i am having Allergic Reactions - maybe because the pharmacy is getting these "New" and "Smaller" pills from a different manufacturer? I would be EXTREMELY grateful if someone reading this might have some extra information and be able to answer these questions I have written here.

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Mark Says:

Re: kova (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

My pharmacy won't carry those anymore because of all the complaints! They're made by Camber pharmaceutical in India. Those Roxicodone (brand name) Camber Oxycodone generic 15mg pills made me itch like I rolled around in fiberglass and they did absolutely nothing for my pain. It was like taking a placebo!

There's tens of thousands of people having all sorts of bad reactions to a variety of Camber pharmaceutical Oxycodone products.
My pharmacy is using either KVK Tech or Parr generic 15mg Oxycodone now. They work okay, but nothing works as good as it did 8 to 6 years ago when they started reformulating all narcotics so addicts wouldn't want to abuse them. Everything is less potent these days and full of bad side effects depending on who manufacturered them...

So now you know you're not crazy, just a victim like the rest of us having worthless meds shoved down our throats by the DEA and DOJ!

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Susan Says:

Re: kova (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I've been itching like crazy too!!!

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Luna Says:

Re: Char (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I had 2 family members get them and they both complained as well. For some reason they say they don't feel the kick that the green Ks have.

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Re: Relief seeker (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Me too, and the T 189 30mg

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Dissie Says:

Re: Mark (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Had to reply to this after reading ...this something I have never taken and have chronic back condition for thirty years and longer and pharmacy knows this Have begged him to get me off of the Rhodes another one not worth taking and I'll b Dami get put on T-188 little yellow bastards. I was on mallincroft for ten yrs .had no problems what so ever then was put on KVK lil green ones then the Rhodes.. long story short was on phone with the pharmacist said he would get the KVK and lieing bastard put me on t/ 188. I have about died what ever this is the itching and nervousness is one thing but when it throws u into chronic sinusitis and bronchitis is another....this is a life and death situation with every thing else going around !!! And must say whom ever thinks this is a Head Game does not Have any IDEA ABOUT WHAT PAIN IS AND LIVING WITH CHRONIC CONDITION.,...AND my heart goes out to those who live with it night and day... These pharmacist could do much better.. don't care much about being lied to and knowing no help or people just don't give a dam. !!! Believe me I am not giving up maybe it will pay off n long run.... prayers for those who have chronic conditions...

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Swill Says:

Re: Popal (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

If it's smaller how could it have more filler?

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X Says:

I've been prescribed oxycodone. I always get the one with a "M 15" imprint. Now I filled my med and got a yellow "T 188" imprint that's much smaller in size. What's the difference?

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Jerry Says:

Re: Lorri (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

What pharmacy did you go to? & Do they still dispense those type?

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plantwaterer Says:

I began taking oxycodone 15mg twice/day last year after my doctor switched me to those from oxycodone/APAP 10/325 also twice daily. I received the green Mallinckrodt brand for months until June, when my independent pharmacy began filling the oxycodone 15mg’s with Camber. To call these pills physically small is an understatement; they are minuscule. When I went to fill my July oxycodone script, I told the pharmacist I wasn’t crazy about the Camber brand at all...they controlled my back pain fairly well; however, the tininess of the pill caused me to accidentally drop one or two several times and saw how easy it would be to lose them. But apparently pharmacies (in the Philadelphia area) are having trouble ordering the 15’s, and these are all that’s available. Otherwise the pharmacist would’ve been happy to order them from another manufacturer. I forgot to ask her, but is there a nationwide, or East Coast only shortage? Why are these suddenly so prevalent? (Apparently the chains have also started dispensing Camber for their oxycodone tablets.)

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Roy Says:

Re: kova (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I thought I should let you know that the itching and extreme drowsiness which you are reporting are listed by MedlinePlus as more serious side effects that you should report to your doctor ASAP.

Wow, so you have been taking Oxycodone before, but these issues just started up with the yellow T 188 pills from Camber pharma?

If you can spare a few moments it wouldn't hurt for you to file a report with the FDA's MedWatch program for tracking adverse effects. You can't be the only one going through this!

Hope you are well!

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