Yellow Round Pill Pliva 325

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I have a round yellow pill with Pliva and 325 printed on the same side. What is it?

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Nobody_Special Says:

Hello. The pill in question is Bethanechol Chloride. It stimulates parasympathetic nervous system, increasing tone to muscles of urinary bladder, stimulates gastric motility and tone and may restore rhythmic peristalsis. Hope this information was helpful, have a nice day!

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Verwon Says:

Nobody, please, always include the dosage amount when providing an identiciation for someone, this is very important.

Just to add that information, this tablet is 25mgs.

And to simplify that rather techinical description for the layman, it is used to help treat urinary incontinence by improving the bladder muscles.

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Nobody_Special Says:

Verwon, what? and miss you stopping by to check-up on me every time I post something and trying to help people out.

Yes I agree it is very important to know the dosage amount on medications so in future you will find my posts including them.

Again, have a nice day!

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