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Abuse deterrent Xtampza vs. Oxycontin

Newly FDA approved Xtampza ER has a different abuse deterent additive than Oxycontin, however I have not tried it yet for effectiveness. I have taken Oxycontin over 10 years so I felt the huge difference when they began adding abuse additive to it. I am curious if anyone has info on this new med, how it works as compared to Oxycontin, or all info on it that may help me decide if I should switch? I always had excellent results with Oxycontin but when the abuse stuff was started it took so much away from effectiveness. Appreciate any info. Thanks. ## Hello, Lynx! How are you? I was reading about it, after seeing your post, but they only list their deterrent under a proprietary name and do not list any specific details on how it works. However, they do say that, if needed, the capsules can...

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Switching from Oxycontin to Xtampza ER problems

I'm in the process of switching from Oxycontin to xtampza er (insurance company forcing me to change) and I have experienced some issues with effectiveness. I've taken Oxycontin for about 15+ years as well as fast acting oxycodone. Now that I am taking xtampza when I need to take the fast acting oxy I'm experiencing itching and stinging sensations as well as a mild cough as if I'm having an allergic reaction; in particular around my eyes and mouth. I take the xtampza with food but I don't know how much food and of what kind will work best. I have been on a roller coaster ride of poor pain control now for 6 weeks and I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues? I've gone from having a reduced life to little life at all. ## What dose were you taking of ...

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Xtampza ER users effectiveness

I need ppl who have tried the new Xtampza er med to tell me if it works the same as oxycontin? I need to switch so I wanted to know the strength of the new med in comparison. ## Hello, Lynx! How are you? It contains Oxycodone as its active ingredient, just like Oxycontin, it is a little stronger, so the comparable dose is usually a few milligrams lower than Oxycontin. The FDA warns that it still carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes I am just concerned about the difference in the abuse deterrent added to the Xtampza compared to that is added to oxycontin. When Purdue added their abuse deterrent it actually lowered the effectiveness of the med. So ...

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Cigna to end coverage for OxyContin and push Xtampza ER

Starting January 1st 2018, Cigna will no longer cover most OxyContin prescriptions in its group plan, according to CNN. Instead, they have entered a contract with Collegium Pharmaceuticals who manufactures Xtampza ER, another extended release version of Oxycodone. Their stated reasoning is because of the allegedly superior abuse deterrent properties of Xtampza ER. Mind you, the study finding that Xtampza ER was harder to abuse than OxyContin was conducted by Collegium themselves. As you might imagine, Purdue Pharma (OxyContin's manufacturer) is not happy about this at all. They seem to think that it is more about the pharmaceutical rebates for Cigna. But none of this fluff matters. What matters are all of the PATIENTS and how it may or may not affect peoples' daily lives! While ...

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