Xanax/alprazolam Scored White With Only "11" Imprint

Alex Says:

I went to go pickup my generic xanax script at a new pharmacy, they charged only 20$ for 90 2mg, so I could not say no to that, the next day I picked it up and the pill was bar shaped with round edges, scorerd to break into .5mg doses like all, excluding dava, are the only imprint is the number 11. It certainly taste like xaxa, as I have used a number of generics, but can not identify this odd, round edge alprazolam pill. Please help

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, but I can't find a listing for this in any of the U.S. prescription drug resources, either.

Was this from a U.S. pharmacy?

There is always the possibility that it is just very new to the market and isn't listed in the databases, yet.


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jesika Says:

Yes it is xanax. It depends on your pharmacy. My uncle had them. I asked him the same ? You have. He showed me the bottle.

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antwan Says:

i have the same regtangle pill with rounded edges and the imprint "11" and i looked allll over online and found nothing at all about them. they look exactlly like xanex but i havnt found confermation at all weither they rele were or not, are u sure they are def xanex??

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antwan Says:

... also if it is, is it 2 mg??

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jerry northup Says:

i have the same ones and they seem to be extrememely weak does anyone else notice that?

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jerry northup Says:

they are deffinately not as stong as others i feel the effects more if i take the blue footballs

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jerry northup Says:

do you thnik they could be an analog of a benzo or something..fake bars? they seem to work but not nearly as much as most other xanax

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popemNdropem Says:

They are DEFINITLY real. Don't fret! I been gettin em from giant eagle pharmacy for months now and I asctually think they are pretty good, better than some other generics, that's all in ur head cause you aint sure they are the real deal. But they are, they are so hard to track down because they only put the freakin' 11 on them to I.d. them.

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Mara Says:

The white round 2mg spinners are THE S***!!!!!!! Idk y but the r so much stronger than any zany I have EVER taken. I had never even seen or heard of "spinners" (which is wat we call them where I'm from) but in my opinion they r THE ABSOLUTE BEST. But my man jus brought home them bars with nothing on them but an eleven and I think they r fake... I can't find ANY info on them AT ALL and I'm gettin pissed bc I feel like I just got ripped off for the first time ever!!!!

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aunt j Says:

They're zany 2 ml. Don't worry guys. I can't find em anywhere either but I found a few people who gott'em from the phaarm in place of the reg. Generics. I'm thinkin they're a store brAnd generic n that's why they aren't in any data basis. Jusat don't take'em thinkin they're fakes cuz they won't work. The human psyche is a spectacular thing.

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john brogan Says:

i jus got those two...but they aint stong i took a whole one and itput me to sleep for 3 hours only now im up like a n idiot

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Fattyfattfatts Says:

just call a pharmacy, say u found them in ur son or daughters room and u wanna know what they are, simple as that!!! Think!!!!

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Fattyfattfatts Says:

Also, as far as the people saying they are weaker....... thats not at all true, these drugs have to meet a certain standard and criteria according to the FDA, trust me they are doing the same thing as any other one would. The only way effects would vary is if they were extended release, and the capsule in question is NOT extended release. It's all in your head!

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mack456 Says:

So these are legit 2mg bars?

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curious Says:

?--i suffer from p.a 's and receive similar medication and thought i knew them all--?

so, he said got them from a pharmacy so i imagine they are legit/real/not fakes from the street?
but i also can't find ANY info, aside from this one thread, on this new gerneric zan...
i am not concerned about the potency. i just want to know if they are truely real and if so what brand they are. can anyone provide a link or any data on these please?

long white bar, rounded edges, 3 scores, blank one side, and 11 written on the other.

(please help)

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amber Says:

I just got mine from a legit pharm I ve been takin xanis for years bnut I agree they seem weaker bnuty thy r 2 mg with 11 on them

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mj Says:

where or what pharmacy did you get them? usa? what is the brand on the bottle? please help

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JAY Says:

I just got mine from a legit pharm I ve been takin xanis for years bnut I agree they seem weaker bnuty thy r 2 mg with 11 on them


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David Says:

The white oblong pill marked "11" is manufactured by Caraco Pharmaceutical Labs.

It is a "generic" Alprazolam 2mg tablet, according to Caraco.

For verification, the national drug code (NDC) for this specific pill is: 47335-606-88

Additionally, you can contact the manufacturer via the link below for more inquiries about the pill itself, including a photo of the pill:

I hope this helps!

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thetruth Says:

david i went to the caraco website, saw the same page for alpr 2mg and saw the ndc, the "oblong/white" details listed, bottle count numbers, but nothing about imprint "11" or have pics for the meds they make. i doubt emailing them would result in the release of the pill pictures but if your able to somehow or are just able to verify the "11" i'm sure many others would, including myself, would be very appreciative. thank you for confirming the brand name as well. a family member says they are weak, as do others here... anyone else have an opinion? a RECENT opinion about caraco alpr? thanks

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Ant Says:

Re: Mara (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Mylan 2mg are the best.

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Lisa Says:

CVS MAIL AWAY has 2 mg. Alprazolan marked GG249 which are shiny and coated. They work on an empty stomach or two to three hours after eating. They are not bad but I found a pharmacy locally who sold me Actavis the first time, which I threw in the garbage so they were my last call about Greenstones. After three hours calling Walgreens Actavis, Publix had Dava, Winn Dixie (Par which is Actavis?), Costco is
Sandoz. He ordered me Greenstone as long as I gave him all my medications. I don’t think I called Silver Scripts fast enough to stop sending me my drugs. I’m in the donut hole with Medicare so I may not get out before the end of the year but he is going to give me Greenstone 1 mg. 90 count for $60.00 as long as I don’t put it through insurance. Walgreens asked for $900.00. Check your local pharmacies and don’t give up on just one. It took calling every independent pharmacy within 5 miles to end up with the guy I sworn never to buy from again. Thanks everyone in this forum for your much needed help in recommends. Good luck! Never give up.

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King kong Says:

Yes, they are a decent brand and not the best by any means but better than nothing. They are made by "Sun pharmaceuticals". I like dava and greenstone is probably the best. They are made by pfizer who makes brand name xanax. Xanax is 10% over so 110% of alprazolam powder. Greenstone is their generic. They are in between 98% and 100%. That's why ppl always want xanax and greenstone are so hard to find. Dava, actavis, sandoz and qualitest, are my favorites after them.

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ppl may know Says:

Re: jerry northup (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

i got some with a 2 on it and xanax on the otherside but they are sweet are they real

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BennZo Says:

Them xanax bars are the weakest out of all the xanax bars I've taken. But they still get the job done

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EDDY Says:

Mylan doesn't make a 44 Xanax although they make an A4

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K Says:

Just got mylan 44 from cvs. It just took a little longer than the bars to kick in. I was freaked out because I'm PTSD & Bipolar and I don't need another 3 day vacation. Pharmacist insisted it was the same. Actually a little stronger--guessing I was becoming immune to the real bar type 2 mg xanax.

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Rob Says:

Hey I'm a newbie and had my Xanax stolen so out for 20 days hoping to find online site that wont screw me over can u point me to a good site

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Lauralee Says:

The problem with xanax & valium is that the generics MAY actually Be weaker.

My psychiatrist in the early 90's wanted to be sure I got real Roache Valium 10mg pills rather than a generic.

The reason is simply the laws concerning the amount by which they can be "off" or in error as much as 20%!

Now, in a drug where the usual dosage is 100-500mg; of course you will notice no difference.

But the tinier amt of the actual drug makes generics unsuitable in a drug like valium, where 5-10mg is taken - and indeed, even worse for xanax which is 1/10th the dosage. You take 0.5mg instead of 5 & 1.0 instead of 10mg.

So, you're not dreaming! It might actually be weaker! Not by weight or volume, but because a 20% margin of error on a concentrate active chemical that is only 2mgs just isn't good enough.

If you want to be sure, you'll have to fork out for the brand name. But, when *I* have a serious panic attack - better safe than sorry, I say!!

Good luck, hon..

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Dominique moochy ano Says:

I have ran out of my script way too early and am so scared of withdrawals!!!! Can anyone help me?

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