Xanax Yellow Bar R 039

Ness Says:

I heard they are NOT time released....I also heard they are better than the whites and greens....I guess it's matter of opinion but I'd like some feedback. I'm taking a survey cuz I just got a prescription filled....

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David Says:

You are right in that these are not the time released ones, but rather the generic Alprazolam 2 mg tablets.

As far as their quality being better than "the white ones", this is actually based on inactive ingredients that may or may not be present in each specific tablet and not based on the drug itself. The drug itself doesn't change. What changes are the ingredients they put with it.

These inactive ingredients are actually active and play a detrimental role as to how each drug is metabolized and used by your body. Because everyone is different, your body may agree with one medication over the other, due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themselves.

I hope this info helps!

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mark Says:

My yellow xanxa bars with imprints r309 seem very weak are they old or fake? Thanks

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Shaun Says:

They're not time released, the only generic that is better are the G3277 which are made by Greenstone and are VERY strong.

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EDDY Says:

I guess the green Greenstone I thought I had is green Dava. Oh well, I have many different kinds, colours, and shapes, and they all are acceptable, all of them!

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jaes Says:

What about the white g3722 bars are they strong

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EDDY Says:

They are all strong! Xanax might be the strongest medicine you will ever know? Yet it doesn't show its ugly side until discontinuing this substance

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Badbeavis101 Says:

For some dumb reason my roommate took a R039 from a classmate and took it..never taking it before...how strong is it? and what side effects can he expect?

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pillpoppinanimal Says:

Fake, check out the Bunk PD test kits

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curtis8 Says:

It takes extreme temps n humidity for the pills to be comprised due to binders and coatings. .

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PillInfo Says:

So here's my experience with the different strengths and preferences of Xanax bars over the past ten+ years... If you can get the Pfizer name brand (yes they still make them) I believe they hit the strongest and last the longest. After that any white ones are good, GG's are at the top of my list. Next come the green monsters cut into thirds instead of quarters. Then the yellow school buses... Now there's two different type of yellows... There's the light yellow ones which are fine and are pretty comparable to the white ones, but then there's the R039 darker yellow ones. These are my least favorite. You can feel a film on them suggesting extended release (XR) and are the weakest of them all in strength. And even with the time release they don't last that long, just make you tired, unlike the name brands. If you have a choice, go with kolonopin 2mg instead of the bars. They're not as addictive, are easier to taper off of, last a lot longer, and actually give you energy and don't erase your memory. Hope this helps someone, anyone, really.

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Looney Says:

I agree about the darker yellow R039. They basically suck!!!

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LilA Says:

I wish I could post a picture, the real yellow Xanax bars are lighter in color & actually taste like a pill, I let my medicine dissolve in my mouth btw; anyhow, the yellow but fat pills are FAKE!! These ppl out here have pill presses and could actually kill someone just for a few bucks, smh real s***. The fat, squared off on both ends, RO39 Xanax bars are fake, I've been told they contain rat poison, stay away!! This is coming from the northern TN KY area. Hope I could help someone... toodles

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Lightfoot1171 Says:

There's nothing I hate more than reading about or listening to people tell war stories so it comes as a complete shock to myself that I am posting here. 7 years ago I was referred to a methadone clinic to help myself get off of oxycontin. Not realizing they were a for profit business I assumed their real mission was to help you. Boy was I wrong . I was never made aware how difficult it was to kick and they have no desire for u to kick it. Getting to my point, it's a very strong and dangerous drug. Taking it as directed I have overdosed twice. That being said I strongly make a case that this is the most stout drug I've ever taken. Not to mention the withdrawal. 2 summers ago I spent 2 months in County for charge I beat but it just took that long to bond out. Anyway I thought I was dying having to go cold turkey. wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Worse yet, when I walked out after 8 wks, I was still in as bad a withdrawal as the day I entered. I hate admitting that once i found out that withdrawal can last 6 months or more, I couldn't face it so I went straight to a clinic and was back on them. Very strong and evil drug. If I have at least made one person think twice about ever taking it will make it a little easier to hate my self a little less. God bless you all!!

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Theresa Says:

The yellow bars R039 are FAKES. DONT BE FOOLED. XANAX IS A SAFE DRUG IF YOUR NOT AN ABUSER TO BEGIN WITH. Someone said they insufflated them! Those are abuse signs cause xanax works fast orally. Just saying.

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Yicken Says:

The differwnt colors mean different brands,nothing else

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fake pill spotter Says:

Hey there, so I live in sf and have seen about every single fake bar you can imagine, seeing as I live in the tenderloin. My question to you is why are there two different color yellow R039's? I like the darker yellow ones btw , they seem stronger to me, I also notice the school bus yellow R039's have a slight sweet taste before the bitter while the lighter yellow almost peach ones dont, anyway why the two diff. Colors? Different manufacturers or on is time release and the other isnt?

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horrorshow Says:

Dude. Trust me white green yellow they are all the same go by the numbers not the colors Google the numbers. That's the best way to tell unless your like me that's been dealin in em for 15 years

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fake pill spotter Says:

Okay dude I really don't need a speech on abuse, I've been taking clonazepam for 8 years for seizures and had my medication stolen by my addict girlfriend and I didn't have any to get by until my next refill. So I took some R039. Please don't sit there and give me a bunch of your abused bulls*** and this that and the other. I really don't need to hear it.

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Ang Says:

I fell in the same trap. And have lived about the same detox then got right back in a clinic. So people please try everything you can before resorting to the"clinic"

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Akasha Says:

I have found those yellow squared off bars that I couldn't even keep in my mouth they tasted so bad. Counterfeit, yes. This is in the NW FLORIDA area. They gave an bad long lasting irony taste or copper. I just got some r039 that remind me of those other ones. I'm a bit freaked because I've had people say they are fine. But the color is almost a orange yellow. Has anyone run across those?

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Carripelli Says:

Re: Yicken (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

They are 2 different colors with the same brand stamp, so they are not 2 different brands. Even if one was time release it would have a different stamp to differentiate, for hospitals. Any difference in a pill, dosage, time release, manufacturer.... there will be different identifying numbers on it. WITHOUT EXCEPTION

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EDDY Says:

Re: Mneey (# 57) Expand Referenced Message

Please don't tell others what they should take. That would be like me asking you to spell better

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Mneey Says:

Re: Melanie (# 24) Expand Referenced Message

Take librium and. Dilantyn. At reccomense soae. Got to free clinic

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Benzo Mike Says:

The greens are by the best for strength and the yellows are almost the same but I have been talking the white Y 2,1s and I think they are the best out right now, I have been on xanax 20 years and I always try to get the best, but there is always someone to disagree

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Klem Says:

Re: Proud Mother (# 22) Expand Referenced Message

I don't care how old this post is but I gotta say, that's great that he kicked it so quickly without too much agony. But I guess I'll chock it up to different chemistry of each individual bc I've witnessed someone who kicked em & it was hell on earth for a lousy 6 wks, including having to get stitches on his big toe from the uncontrollable kicking while trying unsuccessfully to sleep in sweat on the porch bc he couldn't stay in bed. All the while having a bottle with 5 xanax sitting on his dresser. He didn't touch even 1 of them knowing it would relieve his misery. After the 6 wks he said he still didn't feel "right" for another 6 months. That's some serious willpower that I doubt you could find in anyone you could count on 1 hand. Your son is lucky to have his hell last only 2weeks. But I don't know if that's the norm.

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Dylan Says:

Re: EDDY (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

We’re can I get some online? And have anyone seen yellow brs that are the same as white flat backs gg 249

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Kitkat Says:

Does a real yellow rectangular Xanax bar (R039) break in half easily? The two halves of my bar are impossible to break in half. Everything about it looks authentic but the two halves will not break in half. It is making me wonder if it is real.

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kat Says:

I have R039 yellow xanax bars. How can I tell if they're real or fake? I can send a pic if needed.

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Yes the yellows aren't time release, & from my opinion the yellows are the best in my eyes they hit harder & faster last longer. I would have to say the best ones 1:Yellow 2:the white th 3: Green hulks 4:white that say Xanax w/2 on the back of them & #5: the peach ones.Those are by far best of the best & just always make sure they dnt crumble fast they should be a little harder to break have a little give. If they break easy there pressed & for sure fake

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Johnny TBird Says:

Re: EDDY (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Agreed. We will never know methaqualones..Xanax are the strongest narcotic tranquilizers we will find...

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