Wysolone 10 Mg Use In Infertility Patient, My Wife Have No Issue

Soumen Bhattacharya Says:

My wife's operational note - Normal uterine cavity with bilateral cornual block. cornual catheterization performed successfully on both sides. no evidence of any polyp or fibroid.
Diagnostic laparoscopy : Normal size uterus with bilateral normal fallopian tubes and ovaries. Dye filled and spilled easily through both fallopian tubes. No evidence of any infection or endometriosis in the pelvis.
Current test is AMH / MIS - 0.8 ng/mL normal range 2.0-6.8 ng/mL
Prolactin - 41.22 ng/mL normal range 2.80-29.20
Doctor is prascribed - Glycomet 850 1 tab after dinner to continue
Cab Folininc 1 cap ODPC
Tab Caberlin (0.25) 1 tab weeklyh once
tab Wysolone 10 1 tab before breakfast to continue

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