Would Like To Know How Long After The Experation Date Does Pills Of This Drug Remain Potent And Effective


I would like to know how long after the experation date, does the amoxicillin remain potent and effective ? And when dose amoxicillin become totally ineffective >

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It's really difficult to get a precise answer on this, because it can really be dependent upon storage conditions.

For instance, if they were left in the original factory sealed bottle, they're usually actually good for about 3 years.

However, once that bottle is opened, so they are exposed to heat, light and moisture, the degradation starts and how fast they degrade and lose potency depends on how much of the elements they are exposed to.

If you keep them in a cool, dry, dark place then they'll last longer than if you keep them in your bathroom medicine chest, which is a warm, damp environment.

Learn more Amoxicillin details here.

Thus, your best bet is to stick with the expiration date on the packaging and to dispose of them properly, once they are past that date.

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Hello,question: I have what a pharmacist assured me must be a bacterial infection on my upper left gum,which just began within th elast 48 hours. I have soem unopened/unused amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium tablets (875mg/125mg),but the expiration date was 4-1-12 (it's currently 4-9-15). I know that these have been stored in a cool dry area,and again,the bottle is sealed/unopened. Understanding the earlier repsonse--as I'm living on a fixed income (disabled US Army Veteran),and I can't really afford a doctor visit,should I take these? There is a full dosage of 20 tablets. Thank you.

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