Worried About Taking Linzess Before Work

Sandy Says:

I am going to start Linzess tomorrow morning I will take it at 4:30 and eat breakfast at 5:15. If I haven't had a bowel movement by 6:30 do you think it would be safe to drive to work? I have an hour drive.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sandy! How are you?

Unfortunately, I can't say. It may actually be best to speak to your doctor about starting it on the weekend, or whenever you have a few days off.

The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, abdominal cramping, bloating and diarrhea.

Can anyone that's taking it chime in with their opinions?

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Sandy Says:

I have been taking Linzess for over 3 weeks now and have had no trouble getting to work in the mornings. I have had no diarrhea and I usually have one or two bowel movements for 3 or 4 days and then will go several days without one but that is much better than what I was experiencing before taking Linzess. I was going 10 days to 2 weeks without a movement

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