Withdrawing From Alcohol With Ativan

Vic Says:

I am down to a half pint of vodka a day but having sweats, nausea, anxiety and some shakes. My Dr. just prescribed me Ativan .5mg to take (1 every 12 hours). Should I totally stop the alcohol now before beginning Ativan or continue to cut back on alcohol and take Ativan too?

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Verwon Says:

Usually, they expect you to stop alcohol, while taking a medication, such as Ativan, since it increase the risk of your experience certain dangerous issues, such as seizures, severe dizziness, and severe drowsiness.

Were any instructions provided? Are you on any other medications?

How much were you originally drinking?

I am asking, because I'd like to be able to help you more. A half-pint is still a lot for a hard liquor like this.

Kudos to you for seeing the problem and seeking help!!!!

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Vic Says:

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Originally drank a 5th every day. No other instructions were given. Haven't had any vodka since Sunday but having few glasses of wine now. Shakes, nausea, and sweats have stopped. Only meds I am on are Cymbalta and Metropolol.

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