Withdrawal Symptoms From Long-term Lisinopril Usage

EMD Hope Says:

I had used lisinopril/hct for 20 years. It started off with one pill per day, but ten years ago doc prescribed 2 pills per day. It combatted my hypertension.

As it turned out, I also had hepatitis C for about 30 years. When I finally was cured of HEP C, six months ago, the hypertension went away and I had some night-time incidents when I woke up with severe shortness of breath. So, I stopped taking the Lisinopril six weeks ago. My blood pressure has been unusually low - like around 100/68 and I don't know how to raise it. I am still having shortness of breath and have been having a severe allergic/itchy skin reaction that is unbearable. Doctor doesn't believe I have withdrawal effects from lisinopril. She has not prescribed anything to increase my blood pressure. Lots of doc visits, no blood work. No chest EXRAY (hurts my lungs to breath in deeply). Medical care horrible in this rural area. Suggestions?

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Libby Says:

Today I am being taken off Lisinopril 40mg that I've been taking once a day since I was 50yrs old. I had blood tests run every three months. Now they are taking me off and giving me Hydralazine 50mg three times a day, starting in the morning. I was told that according to my blood test that my kidneys are failing, sitting at 32%, and if it cannot be corrected I will go to a specialist and may have to go on a machine. Has there ever been legal action taken against the mfg?

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Verwon Says:

I am very sorry about the issues you are experiencing. Withdrawal effects from this medication would usually include elevated blood pressure and heart rate, according to FDA reports.

As to raising it, generally the best and safest way is by increasing your fluid intake, if your doctor approves, please don't try to do so, without their supervision.

Libby, have they definitively tied your kidney failure to the medication?

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Docsdonttreatfatpeple39 Says:

Docs are horrible these days. Like they are experimenting on ppl. You could see someone else or demand blood tests. Always ask questions and inform yourself so they can't give you bs answers. Best of luck.

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