Will It Hurt My Boyfriend If He Stops Taking It?

April Says:

My boyfriend has only had 2 episodes. They weren't bad, but he's been taking dilantin since. If he stops taking them will he start having them again?

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sherry Says:

Very definatley, no one should stop any seizure meds without drs. knowledge. Also, going off all at once can cause a seizure.

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Jason Says:

When I first started dilantin at age 17 , I'm 30 now I was'nt use to taking medication all the time , and I forgot doses, and ended up back in the hospital because of another seizure, the doctor told like Sherry said to not stop taking , he said if you stop real sudden it could cause a massive seizure that could kill me.

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Verwon Says:

In the case of these types of medications and seizures, you really need to follow your doctor's instructions!

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Nameless Says:

Hi, I am experiencing unusual dots on my body and I was prescribed purbac C24 for that and allegex tablets from the chemist. How can this help and what are the side effects? Does it mean I could be positive for HIV and will these tablets not affect my CD4 count?

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