Will E-cig Show Up Positive For Benzo On Urine Test

Gunslinger Says:

I smoke came up positive for benzo on a urine test. I do not take anything. I smoke e-cig,that's it. Please help me. I smoke around 2ml a day a 21 on my nicotine level. Will the polypropylene glycol and nicotine show up for a false positive for valium? ? That's what I tested positive for. I do not take valium. Thank You for your help and assistance.

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memicheal96 Says:

No, I drip and probably vape 3-5 ml a day at 6mg. Every one of my UA'S for bond supervision can't come back negative. I would try buying from a different vape shop if your concerned about the e-liquid causing positive tests

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Mimi Says:

I had this same issue. I was doing a 6 week outpatient program two yrs ago. I originally failed for marijuana and benzos, which were from 5 green Valium I had taken. During the entire program, I continued to fail so they almost sent me to inpatient. I was completely sober and hadn't done anything since day one of the program. I paid for two lab tests, and also my primary care doc had done two labs for me during this time which proved there was no benzo in my system. Just the instant tests were failing. I was the only person in my group that vaped so we all speculated on that. We tested my juice, which lit up the 9 panel for coke, MDMA, opiates, benzo, and PCP. Our instructor pointed out that the tests test for the bi-products our bodies produce, not the actual drug itself. Finally after 7 weeks I finally tested clean, and I hadn't done anything different. To this day I have no idea why...

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Amarah Says:

Geez! That's freaking scary! There was obviously something wrong with the test or else they mixed your sample up with someone else's. It's scary to me because I am drug tested every week and benzos is one of the substances they look for. I've always hated benzos but I'm an avid e-cig junkie. I can't go five minutes without vaping. So, if an e-cig could cause that kind of error that is freaking scary as hell! (I doubt it though. I've never come up positive for anything I'm not prescribed and, like I said, huge vape-head here).

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Harleegal Says:

Yes i go to a clinic and do not take anything. I started vaping and the past 3 weeks i keep comming up with valium in my urine

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Harleegal Says:

Re: Amarah (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Yes i go to a clinic and do not take anything. I started vaping and the past 3 weeks i keep comming up with valium in my urine

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