Will Ic Levetiracetam Help My11 Month Old Son?

Rubymommy99 Says:

Hi everyone, My baby boy started to have seizures at 8 month old at the end of November,2008, he had three Grand Mal(the other two was in early December,08) before was put on Keppra, the first time he was on Keppra was 1.2ml, twice a day for the first week, and he had arm jerking like once a day, then after increase to 2.4ml, twice a day, he no more had jerking through December 08. From Jan,09,right after the new year's eve on, he starts to have eyes rolling signs, his eyes rolls back and forth, his head moving forward and his up half body will wobble, hands gently shake, it only last for 1 second, sometimes last for 2or 3 second, no more than 4 second. At first, it maybe is a couple times a day, we didn't really think that's something serious, just thought maybe something is wrong with our eyes,or he was tired??????? so our first appoitment to his E doctor we didn't bring it up. but right after we came home, he was out of control, his eye rolling thing will happen at least up to 100 times a day, if not more.at first we were counting, like sometimes it happens 4 to 5 times per minute, sometimes once in 4 to 5 minute, then it happens too much, we lost count. we did called his E doctor right back, but it seems he was very busy, we had to wait for three whole more weeks before can get an appointment to his another EEG, but right before he had his EEG, he had one grand seizure breakthrough, it happened at the weekend, so no help from the doctors until the coming week, finally talk to some nurse, and was told to increase his Keppra to 4ml, twice a day, but his little eyes rolling seizures still not decrease, finally he had his EEG done, and the doctor called to tell us, those eyes rolling things are peti Seizures, he might consider to switch to another medication. This morning, we went to the pharmercy to pick up his medication, and we got this IC LEVETIRAXETAM, instead of Keppra. we are heart breaken to see our baby to suffer everyday, but we don't know, will this new medicine help to control my baby's seizures? Dose anybody know anybody has this kind of seizures or ever use this kind of medicine? By the way, our both side family has no seizure history.Please help me.

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Verwon Says:

Levetiracetam is the same thing as Keppra, just the generic and Keppra is the brand name it is sold under.


We have no medical professionals on here that can give you advice, it is best to follow your doctor's instructions.

Please post back though, if you have any other questions or need more medication information and we will be happy to help.

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antonio Says:

hi me and my wife know what you are going through and LEVETIRAXETAM is generic for keppra but our daughter is nine months and she has one every now and then but she was put on phenobarbital and that slowed her development down and now she has to have physical therapy for it that.

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Scott Says:

Did you, or do you expose your child to quick bursts of light? Aka: television, computers? Have you had your pediatrician perform allergy tests? Do you have a disease you're not disclosing you might have passed on to your child?

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literatela Says:

Eyes rolling is a symptom known as nystagmus. It is not a seizure.
This is the generic of Keppra: I've been on both (switched to this because my doctor said it's the same and cheaper) and they work the same in controlling seizure activity.

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