Will I Pass A Methamphetamine Drug Test

Angela Says:

For the last two weeks ive been smoking meth, nomore then two grams throughout that time. Havent touched it since yesterday aug, 20th. I have to see my probation officer on sept, 2nd and will be getting drugged tested. Here's another thing. Im prescribed Adderall 20mg and never had a problem passing test, now that I have been using methamphetamine this month, will it trigger me to have a positive drug test even if the meth is already out of my system? Whats the longest time meth has stayed in someones system? What can I do in 13 days?? Please help!

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Verwon Says:

Though it can vary from person to person, depending on their own individualizing factors, Methamphetamine is generally detectable for approximately 5 days, after use in a standard urine test.

However, as to the longest time it's been detected, the answer is a lifetime. There is no explanation for it, but traces tend to linger in some people, even with just one use.

As to the Adderall, the Amphetamine salts in it can cause a false positive for Methamphetamine.



Are there any other questions or comments?

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Frank Linn Says:

Meth will not show up on the piss test after 13 days.
they will see the meds that you have a script for, as long as you have proof you're in the clear.
Allthough, if anybody does a hair test on you you'd be toast...unless you shave your head.

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Angela Says:

Never heard of meth stayn in someones system a lifetime! Besides that ive heard 10days also depends on how much is being used and how pure it is. But so far I havent had any problems with my adderall given me a positive test for methamphetamine. So hopefully me using this month wont change that! So should I drink alot of water the day before I see my probation? Lol im just scared so i needs that reassuring : (

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Angela Says:

Ive never heard of meth stayn in someones system for a lifetime before! The most I was told 10days depending how much a person is using and how pure it is. My adderall has never gave me a false positive reading for methamphetamine so hopefully that wont change just because of me using this month : ( so besides that should I drink alot of water the day before I see my p.o? Lol im just scared so I need that reassuring!

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Dillon Says:

does methamphetamine not metabolize down into amphetamine after its ingested? like me im prescribed 20 mg adderall (amphetamine) a day, for the past 4 months. my PO knows its prescribed and i take a drug test or sometimes 2 a week and it pops for AMP but since i have script she never looks into it. last night at 8 i tried crystal the first time did about a gram from 8 pm to 10 am (with a friend) so after it breaks down shouldnt i be okay?

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Donna Says:

They have more places than your head to get hair from for testing, unless you shave your whole body, they will get it from some place.

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ishmael Says:

depends on whether test tests for amphetamines AND methamphetamines *they do here in hawaii where meth is such a problem).

Still, meth should be out of your systerm,even that much, in 5 days.

And I'm just gonna be a prick here and say - if you're on probation, don't smoke any meth for a while. 15 years ago I got busted for possession with intent with 30 ounces of purple haze. I was in the work release block and - no sh*t 86% of the people I was in with were there for probation or parole violation.


I don't know how long you got left on paper - but f*ck it man, go to some NA meetings - something. Gert out of that cycle and be free.

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Jamespb Says:

Desoxyn used for treatment of A.D.D. and obesity. It's a legal pharmaceutical grade methamphetamine. Of course it needs to be prescribed by an MD. I had to go to Fed drug testing and treatment Initially I went the Adderal way first too, the Treatment center I went to passed me as being on Amphetamine. The Feds new the difference though. I was approached by the Feds about still being on Meth and was given a second chance. Subsequently I switched to Desoxyn, and from then on I tested false positive. Regardless I was sent to jail anyway. But have been clean ever since. Good Luck

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Ishmael Says:

You can stop, dumb*ss. I mean, first of all, it will ruin your life. Second, some tests have a panel for amphetamines and some for meth. So, if the panel drug piss test has both, you adderall script won't save you.

However, it is usually out of your system in 3-5 days, so you should be good. However, if you are not smart enough to stop. Buy a box of sudafed from behind the counter at Wal-Mart and say that you took some of those the night before and that may be why you're coming up positive. This will not work if you smoke the night before, because the nanograms/decaliter in your blood will be way too high.

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Ishmael Says:

Oh, make sure that whatever you buy has ephedrine or pseudoephedrine in it.

Actually. Primatine Tablets are your best bet. They have actual ephedrine in them, not pseudo.

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candy912 Says:


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chuck Says:

Ive been smoking meth for one week and three days and have done about three grams. Got a drug test on Aug 7!! Will I pass?!?!

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twacked in the first degree Says:

the way that it is possible to determine whether or not its is amphetamine or methamphetamine is if your UA is sent to a lab which is usually the way it is they could tell the difference. as long as you tell the person collecting the UA that you are prescribed adderall you wont have a oroble. problem solved i was on probation for 6 months and drug court for 9 months with two UAs a week and i had an adderall script an i did as much dope as i wanted all day and they never found out.

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jake Says:

Be careful they can test the difference between methamphetamine and prescription amphetimines now on the regular 6panel UA. Just got outta jail failed probation because they changed test I'm prescribed vyvanse (amph) always showed up meth but I failed for. Ampthetimines and METH...my plan is to quit a week to 10 days before now...this test can also test masking agents or if dilluted

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jake Says:

Jus sayin I did time on it they revoked my probation could never tell diff for two years until they got new testso when line showed up on METH and AMP( used to show up METH on old ones)T I showed up for both I gave script for vyvanse but it didn't do good for the meth I jus dnt want n e one to get blind sided like me cause prison sucks......but I ain't gonna argue if u dnt want free advice then on you I dnt got nothin to gain by makin up

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skip Says:

I hear through the grapevine that my ex has been smoking meth and using her adderal script as a cover for CPS drug tests! If this is the case, I need her to fail because I'm worried about her getting custody of our child! I've read several different responses. Will a standard lab test distinguish the difference?

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jd Says:

have hair drug test will striping hair then dying beat the test

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Earlsgurl Says:

If you take drug test after doing meth and it test positive for methamphetamine but not ahetamines dpes that means methamphetamine has not metabolized into amphetamines yet??

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Guzuty Says:

I had 4 hoots of meth 56 hours ago, have been taking detox pills, protein shakes and drinking cranberry juice plus went and sweated my ass off at hockey the night after I used. I have a drug test tomorrow morning, this is the only time I've used meth, am I gonna pass?

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tee Says:

For one thing if you can't stop using 3 to 5 days out of a month to secure your freedom and self discipline then brother it has you and maybe you shouldn't be in the free world. Someone once gave a simple example: He bent down picked up an ordinary piece of gravel off the grown placed it in the palm of his hand and told to imagine it was meth. He said it doesn't have a heart , it don't move unless I move it and I was telling him it had me.

That little thing that without me it can do nothing. With a lot of self discipline and using in the comfort of your home so you don't have to worry about who your with or if you have to pat them down to ride in your vehicle. Its really just a f*** drug anyways so get someone you enjoy and go home and have mad sex. Safe ,and sound and satisfied.

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