Why Does My Urine Still Show Methadone And Oxycodone After Not Taking Any For 4 Weeks Help

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Rochelle Says:
HELP! 4 months ago I stopped, [ cold turkey] all my oxycodone and 25 days ago stopped my methadone as well.3 weeks ago I went on Suboxone. I just had my 2nd. urine test and it still shows oxycodone and methadone!!! Light lines but still there? I HAVE NOT taken any meds except my Suboxone for 3 weeks and have been off oxycodone for 4 months and off methadone for 24 days. WHAT is wrong?? They are going to drop me and this is my LAST chance for help or hope. Why is this happening to me? I am 65, have had 15 surgeries and the addiction for 15 years but only got the heavy drugs when all the surgeries started. But I'm still an addict trying as my last gasp to get rid of everything in my system. The only other meds I take are 2 different blood pressure pills, Savella for my fibro, 2 iron pills and an 81mg. asprin. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Anything healthy I can take to clean my system or tissues? Thank you all so much.

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Verwon Says:
There are several things that may explain it.

The first is if they aren't using certified tests, which they aren't actually required to do. The cheaper non-certified tests have been known to show false positives anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. If you browse our site, you will see many posts similar to yours.

The other possibility is the Suboxone itself, since it is a synthetic opiate, it can sometimes cause false positives for other synthetic opiates.

Another one would just be due to your own body. Though it can't be explain, some people's bodies do just retain traces of certain drugs for very long periods of time. There have even been occasions where some people have taken something once and had it show up for the rest of their lives. This is unusual, but still always possible.



How are you about watching your fluid intake? Some extra water and other liquids may help.

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Rochelle Says:
Thank you SO much!! You are the 1st. and only reply I received. I have now been off of methadone for at least 35 days and oxycodone for over 5 months. I started taking the suboxone 3 1/2 weeks ago. Before I ever put suboxone in my mouth they ran the 1st urine and both drugs showed up as a medium light line. Then I came back 2 weeks later for the 2nd. urine and again both drugs showed up as a little bit lighter. They are about to drop me and I have no place else to get help. In a small town everyone,Doctors, know each other. Of course since I am an addict they just think I'm lying and still taking those 2 drugs which I have not! I have written everywhere including SAMHSA and to the director of NIDA. I am only trying to find out if anyone has EVER heard of someone really not taking the "bad" drugs but just suboxone, blood pressure meds. and vitamins and still testing positive!! It really has happen to me. I have called, written and begged for help but nothing. I wouldn't even mind except I am going to be dropped and I will not be able to survive another withdrawal! I was dropped from my prior drug clinic for telling them the truth that I ran out of my methadone 3 days early because I had used extra for 3 days. I understand, but he cut me off cold and at the age of 65 and in bad health I went into 11 terrible days of withdrawal from the methadone. It almost killed me.
I can't be the ONLY person this has happen to. I need proof or at least reasonable doubt to show them. I am allowed to come back on Oct.26th for 1 last urine. If it stills show then it's over.
Since all the info I have says that these drugs will not show in the urine after 3-4 days and since it still does show in me after weeks then something is wrong!
Thank you again

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Rochelle Says:
What do you mean, "our site"? Where on your site do I find others that have had this problem? Please clearly direct me.
Thank you

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Dave Says:
you mean you think you almost died,you would be surprised how crappy methadone can make ya feel when getting off of it.You wont die

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vince DiForti Says:
methadone is very hard to kick,i used methadone for 10 yrs and it took 6 months to rid the sickness it left,Just drink lots of water to flush it out and don't try it alone.There are alot of good people at NA .

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Isabella Says:

I realize your post was written almost 2 months ago, but I wanted to let YOU (and others who read this thread) know that I, too had something like you described, happen to me over a year ago.

I have severe Fibro and see a pain specialist; when I went for my UA, the results came back showing that I had Dilaudid (sp?) in my system, which I had been Rx'd for break-thru 3 years prior to this UA. I was shocked and frightened as my Dr. was going to drop me b/c of the results. I requested another UA, and the results came back the same- Dilaudid in my system! At that point, the Dr.'s office called and said my pain specialist wanted a face-to-face meeting the following week. I spoke to their head nurse, who has known me for over 10 yrs; I said I would take a polygraph test, asked if they could use another testing company (of their choice), etc. Thankfully, SHE believed me and called the testing company, explained the problem and was told that the combo of meds Rx'd to me for Fibro pain can cause a false-positive for Dilaudid. Once she told my Dr, this, he cancelled the face-to-face appt. and went on as though nothing ever happened. (personally, I would have appreciated an apology for accusing me/massive stress thinking I would be dropped and unable to have meds needed)

The point is- wierd things like this happen. Tests do not always provide accurate results. Hope all worked out well for you!

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Rochelle Says:
I could KISS you!! Finally someone who knows I'm not lying. The stress was worse than the 11 days of withdrawal from the methodone and other stuff. After 3 test showing positive for Methodone over a 2 month period it finally came back neg.! If it hadn't that day come back neg. the doctor was going to drop me that day! I honestly almost had breakdown. I was taking Savella for fibro at the time and wonder if that might be the reason for the bad results. I sent out over 100 e-mails to every single person in the higher up to do with testing/drugs,etc. While a few, less than 8 answered they all either didn't believe me or didn't understand the problem. I now understand how someone can end up in prison even though not guilty.
PS. I am off all but Suboxone and working my way off of that as well. I also have severe fibro and have had 15 surgeries which led to the drug problem.

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The Professor Says:
The reason you are still testing positive for the methadone is that it has a half life of 72 hours. So if you took 50 mg's in 72 hours or 3 days later you body still has 25 mg's floating around in it and 3 more days you will have 12.5 mg's and so on and so forth. Good luck. Also I would stop taking the Oxy completely for ever it is the worst drug ever to withdrawl from. Take care.

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Rochelle Says:
Professor, Thanks for the info. As for the oxy. If you go back a ways and read my 1st. letter you will see I stopped the oxy months before I stopped the methadone. I have now been off the oxy about 6-8 months and off the methadone almost 3 months or more. I finally stopped showing positive for the methadone but it took 4 tests over 2 1/2 months before it did.

What I have learned is this.

While the average person can through a URINE test clear oxy and methadone within 3-4 days some of us don't! I know that they think if your an addict you also must be a liar and a thief but there are exceptions to everything!! Everything I wrote in the very first letter I posted was true. Life is not black and white and for whatever reason MY body did not clear my urine of those 2 drugs. Oxy and methadone till several months after the norm.
A giant big "Thank You" to everyone who responded and tried to help.. It did help by letting me know I wasn't alone out here.
Kisses and Hugs!

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Kathryn Says:
I was on Methadone for over 4 years at a dose of 130 mgs. In February, I started taking Suboxone. Months went by, and my drug tests were clean. In June, it was positive for Methadone! They sent it out to a lab, and it still came back positive! The dr. dismissed it. Once again, 2 weeks ago, (November), I tested positive for Methadone AGAIN! This is a full 9 months later! They are sending it out to the lab again. I don't know what is going to happen, and I am very worried. I could never take both at the same time, I would be deathly ill! So, you are definatly not alone!!!

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goldie Says:
It depends on how long and at what doseages you were on....methadone can take upto a full year to metabolize out of the body!!!!!!!!

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maggie Says:
I tested positive for morophine and had never tsllken it other then 20 years ago for a post surgery med I denied they believed me and sent my urine to a lab for more detailed testing and it was a false positive I know throw stress was bad.

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Keith Says:
Im running into the same problem with oxy's the last time i took anything was the 10th of this month and my urine from last Wednesday was positive. They say it comes up as morphine i guess its all the same but i just dont understand why. I am perscribed suboxone 2 8mg a day i have been since i quit on the 10th. The program im in just kicked me off the subs they gave the 8 to come off them. Ive never been so stressed out and upset in my life. Im putting everything i got into getting sober im go to groop 3x a week for 2hrs and ive go to at least 2 N.A meetings. If anyone has any input it will help.

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rochelle Says:
ImSO sorry this is happening to you. Try printing out my 1st. letter that this shows and take it to the program that let you go. They might not believe it but at least they will see you are not alone. After 3 months of testing positive for methadone and oxycodone I finally showed up clean even though I had been off both for over 4 months!!
Hope this helps a bit. Did they send it out to the lab to verify? They are supposed to do that when the urine comes back positive. They know that several urine kits come up false positive and the lab is the only way to be totally sure!
The best!

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Keith Says:
They do a quick test and it comes out negative then send it out to confirm thats where it comes back positive. The cut off is 300 last Wednesday it was 328. Ide love to know what happens with last nights tox. Im on my way to the doctor for a blood test. Thanks for the support im will show them what you wrote. Thanks again

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shellyangel Says:
Hi I'm sorry to hear that your having a lot of problems passing your drug test. Even though you have not taken the drugs. Some people are different have you tried getting some detox like absolute or stuffs it's a drink that you drink down and within 20 minutes it's active try that the next time you take any drug test even though your not taking it it's a vitamin drink as well that overall cleans every itch of toxicin traces out. I do have a question how long was you on the methadone and oxy, before you decided to quit if it was years or at least over 6 months it will take longer. I know methadone in lack of better words hides on your bones so try the detox I promise it will help you but follow the directions. Let me know what happened please.

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Mary Poppins Says:
I started going to the methadone clinic about 4 months ago and it took me 2 months to get 1 Xanax out of my system! My counselor told me that because I don't drink NO water it is still in there so I started drinking nothing but WATER and it was out of my system in a week just try that.

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Tara92477 Says:
I have the same problem... I started Methadone treatment Sept 7th ... felt like i was over medicated in the morning and in early afternoon i was withdrawling... I was only at 30 ml.. I was always sick, hot flashes, cold chills, fever and vometing.. soooo i switched to subutex on oct 1st ...Had no Meds for 2 whole days and started withdrawling on that 1st day.. my udi durnig the switch still showed methadone.. 5 days after that, i was up for my routien udi.. And i still had methadone in my system ... so I was flagged... the traces of the methadone was lighter the second time... but still they think I am relapseing ..i just had another test today... but will not know the results for a couple days.. hopefully it comes back clean... i am going to try to drink more fluids to try to flush my system just in case it still shows up... Good Luck... Dont give up .. Maybe you can show your Dr This posting.. U can email me xxxxx@xxx {edited for privacy} Just wanted to let you know i am in the same boat.. Tara

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Angie Says:
via mobile
Demand a blood test it will show exactly what's in your body.. I once had a Dr. Accuse me of being positive for cocain but that could not even be true. Well at a friends advice I went to the hospitol and had a blood screen done felt very vindicated when I brought my results back showing nothing of the sorts.. dr just said "hmmm that's very unusual must have been A FALSE POSITIVE" like no big deal it was scary and embarrassing and rude . You signed an agreement right? Well that agreement allows you to prove yourself those test are not always accurate remind them you are a paying patient and they have oethes to uphold that supersede those little contracts good luck to you

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thebull Says:
via mobile
Hi. I came across your posts. How are you doing now?

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