White Tablets With Score On One Side Imprinted Roche | 10 Mg

Geeza Says:

They are meant to be Valium but dissolve very quick and taste bitter but more so sweet. Definitely not like any real quality Valium I’ve had.

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Helium Says:

Roche Brand valium (diazepam)10 mg are light blue. The only white Roche valium are 2 mg with a score on the other side. So whatever you have are neither valium or even diazepam. Only benzo that are very bitter would be Alprazolam. Roche brand klonopin are white with a 2 and a dot imprinted either side of the 2 and are scored with a an + on back to be broken into 4 x 0.5 doses but they have a mild minty after taste..

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Jillybean Says:

At first I didn't believe they were diazapam at all, but they came up in my lab work as diazapam for quite some time. Unfortunately the tests I'm now given are sensitive enough that they show the broken down metabolites. It showed exactly what it should for the breakdown of diazepam. So yes these are real diazepam. Probably not as strong as diazepam made in the U.S.

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