White Round Pill One Side M Other Side A 32

Kelly Says:

Anyone know what this pill is I found it in my sons room? I need to know what it is I am worried that he may be doing drugs

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Phil McGroin Says:

Hi. I just received a pill in a prescription with these details. I hope I am correct so that this ends your inquiry. I believe it is armodafonil, the generic form of the drug Nuvigil. Google the drugs so that you are aware of what it does. I take it because I work various shifts at my job and it helps me stay awake.

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David Says:

@Kelly & Phil,

Just wanted to confirm Phil's findings that he seemed a little unsure of. A white round pill with M on one side and A 32 on the other, is reportedly identified as a 150mg Armodafinil tablet; indicated for use in treating sleepiness. Basically it's a wakefulness promoting agent. For additional verification, the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 0378-3432 and is a product of Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

I hope that helps clear up any doubt about its identity.

Armodafinil is classified as a controlled substance and may have serious side effects in some patients, so you may want to have that talk with your son if you believe he's bringing someone else's prescription into your household.

Best wishes to you both!

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