White Powder In Capsule?

Hannah Says:

Hello, I found these very strange clear tiny glass capsules with white powder in them, and I can't identify what it is. Here's what I do know: the capsules have numbers on them, and the only other marking is on the black cap that has a little heart rate symbol on it. They come in around a 12 pack with just a white container, no name, markings, or anything. It's very similar to what BIO-tropin, the steroid thats injected, comes in. However, the white powdery substance on the inside is almost stuck together; if i try flipping the capsule over the powder doesnt fall to the bottom, which is different than the BIO-tropin which is a loose consistency. The last piece of info is that the bottle appears to not be able to open, like BIO-tropin, where it has an area under the cap to stick a needle in.

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