White Pill Brown Specks No Markings

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White round pill about the same size of a Soma with small brown specks. No imprints or score lines. Found in a little baggy.

See picture:
white round pill with brown specs

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Verwon Says:

With no markings, it is impossible to postiviely identify these, unless you would have them lab tested.

We can be sure, though, that they aren't a US prescription medication, as they all MUST have unique imprints to enable identification.

There are several items on the market that could match this, such as Senosside laxatives or even some Extasy tablets.

I am sorry, I wish I could be of more help.

Does anyone else have any ideas?


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Cemek Says:

small white round pill, no markings completely flat on both sides approx 1/8in diameter 1/16in thick

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Blab Says:

Almost definitely a recreational pill - although whether it contains ecstacy is actually questionable since the brown flecks usually indicate a heroin-like substance. The fact that they were found in a baggy should tell you this.

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sarah Says:

I have been prescribed B12 that looks like these but I wouldn't trust anything in a baggie.

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hollywood Says:

a long time ago 80s i guess some bootleg qualudes were white with brown speckles this picture lookes more like candy

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billy Says:

if its the size of ibuprofen 800 its an off white color with brown specks its not infused with herion!!! its a dang pill for acid reflex! i got these from my doc! they arent a recreational drug!!! sorry to say

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tina Says:

Vitamins that you buy from Wal-Mart don't put imprints in there pills either

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CJ Says:

White oblong tablet no score no imprint with brown specks...
Sorry to see I am many years behind this conversation but there is a Natures Bounty ageless eye tablet ("verisol" collagen) which spilled out of a bottle causing me to find this post. Look it up to see because I dont see a way to attach a picture.

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EDDY Says:

Re: CJ (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Why would anyone doubt you? Thanks for the info CJ!

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blake Says:

Trying to identify a white oval shaped pill with brown specks on the outside and brown bits inside. F on one side other side has nothing.

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EDDY 2022 Says:

If you found strange pills would you take them? These sound nothing like Soma we have in the United States. If you are not from here it wouldn't matter, never take strange pills you find

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