White Tablet Ap 110

Neej Says:

Oblong white tablet with 110 on one side and AP on the other side (it looks like an upside down V with a smaller P inside of it) - can anybody identify this?

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Roy Says:

The "AP" which you have described is the Advance Pharmaceuticals logo. From what I understand this is an over the counter product, which makes it extremely difficult to know 100% what it is. That is because OTC products are not required to carry unique inscriptions the way that prescription drugs are. With that said, I am speculating that this is some sort of store brand of Acetaminophen OR Aspirin (and perhaps it could contain another OTC ingredient such as Diphenhydramine). I hope this helps, and sorry that I cannot post a more definite answer! Can you provide any more details about this such as packaging or where it was purchased? Have you or anybody else you know taken this tablet, and if so what were the effects?

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Roy Says:

Update: Somebody posted in a related thread that it was identified as ASSURED pain relief for arthritis. It contains Acetaminophen 650mg, generic for Tylenol arthritis. Being OTC definitely explains why it was a tough one to ID. You can read more info on the other thread white oblong pill 110 one one side with a p on the other.

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