White Round Pill One Side 100 Other Nothing

Michelle Says:

found a pill one side says 100 other side blank. very small pill. not sure what it is. found in my car????

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Michelle Says:

it is a white pill

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Verwon Says:

Can you give me a better idea of how small it is?

I mean, is it about the size of a birth control tablet, a low dose Apsirin, or etc.?

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duh Says:

Its a caffine, almost all caffine pills have a100mg in them ive seen loads of them im more than 95 percent sure its caffine

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Ginwhopp Says:

It is possibly meloxicam

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Kristi Says:

Found white pill, size of the top of pencil eraser. "100" on one side, other side blank

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Donna Says:

It's a caffeine pill called Stay Alert. I can't drink coffee due to a major surgery so I take them in the morning.

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Kskddspc Says:


Good call I was just about to add my reply but since you already identified this tablet no need to do so.Its always refreshing to see Valid answers to IDENTIFICATION inquiry's.Many thanks.....

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Shawn Says:

Stay Alert caffeine tablet (100 mg)

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