White Oval Pill With - T Z On One Face.

Kiwi Says:

small white oval tablet
one side has :- T Z
other side has a |
small score
vertically across the oval.
about 8mm long x 5mm wide & 2mm thick.
so quite a small oval.

They told me it was Halcion, but i dont know.

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Verwon Says:

I haven't found a listing for this, but most of my resources are for U.S. medications.

Have you tried asking a local pharmacist/chemist? They might be able to help you.

Triazolam Details

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Roy Says:

Do you have any other info such as the manufacturer name, packaging, etc? Might be able to narrow it down that way. If you are able to get additional details, can you please post back? I think it would be very helpful.

Thanks & good luck!

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Taylor Says:

A friend had these tablets & I wanted to know what they where do from what I've researched this tablet is called Hypam, information leaflet on the web said this:
What HYPAM tablets look like:
HYPAM 0.125mg tablets are flat, oval shaped, white tablets that are marked with “TZ” on one side and a break line on the other.
Also known as Triazolam Tablets 0.125mg. Hope that helps you out!

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Lynda Says:

Triazolam aka halcion. They have changed from blue to white. Lynda

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