White Oblong Pill M On One Side And Blank Other

joe Says:

i found this pill and its more oval than oblong but there is only a m on it and thats it. I have researched it but found nothing.

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Verwon Says:

Can you provide more of a description of the M?

I'm assuming it's a logo, but I'm trying to get a better idea of where to look.

If there are no other letters or numbers, then my best guess is that it's likely an over the counter product.

Learn more OTC drug details here.

Any additional information you can provide would be helpful, including the general location where it was found.

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Grimey Says:

White oval oblong pill....Blank on one side...and a Big capital "M"

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Rachel Says:

I finally figured out that the white oval M pill was a nicorette mint/lozenge.

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Shelley Says:

A white oval pill imprinted with an M & other half design other side blank

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