White Diazepam Dizzy 10

chrskao Says:

Hi, ive been getting ardin 10 diazepam, but the pharmacy i get them from has just got blister packs of dizzy 10/D 10 diazepam, has anyone had any of these? They are white with no markings at all, they are from india.

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Jenna Says:


I believe that the pills you have are the Zepose Diazepam generics from India. Just so you know, they might be weaker than the genuine Diazepam. Some generics that are labeled as 10mg may only contain 6-8mg of the active ingredient.

Learn More: Diazepam Details

I hope this helps!

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Sofia Says:

Yes, I just finally received mine too. I was just looking them up now because I thought they might be fake because they really don't work for me? I guess they're legit ?? But definitely not like the blue ones. Here in the States.

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alwaysNpain Says:

I had a seizure about a week ago from running out of my klonopin not knowing that would happen. The seizure lasted 20 minutes and I was taken to the emergency room by ambulance. The er Dr wrote me for 15 of them but they are gone. I'm having a hard time finding a Dr who takes my HMO insurance plan so I'm in severe panic mode about this. The only thing that is saving grace with me is a few 1mg Xanax here and there that I'm breaking in half. Please help me. I am a single mom of 3 and I can't have another seizure happen. The er Dr told me that my seizure threshold is severely lowered now. Any help, advice or pointing me in the right direction would be so much appreciated. Thank you.

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Jason Says:

I have had these. They're the Indian ones which only have 2 mg in some and 6 mg in some and 10 in some. If you got them off your doctor they're real. The doctors used to prescribe actavis which were really good but now sadly they have stopped manufacturing them. The new real ones are tempose and dizy 10 mg. Tempose are blue and dizy are white with no markings. Indian ones are big white pills with lines down the middle. These tempose and dizy 10, both 10 mg are what your UK doctors will prescribe so don't worry.

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kd Says:

Don't waste your hard earned money. They at the very most have 1/4-1/2 mg. I know because I have a real pharmacy prescription for diazepam 10 mg & for the 1st time I resorted to trying these, as laws are going crazy about being prescribed any benzo's in the US. These are chalk...sorry.

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Jade Says:

Anyone had hemofarm Diazepam?? I just bought them expecting actavis. They are white in blister packs with no markings and kind of dome/oval shaped? Are they safe guys? Thanks...

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Melinda Says:

Re: Jenna (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Dizy 10 my says an their actually from asia but i do find them weaker but i wouldnt take double as im wary on new brands i aint heard off. I tried one wn felt something was nice my anxiety had gone really so must be fine. But not the same feelin as proper ones from my docs how are u finding them?? Im new to them so advice be good

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Anxiety issues Says:

I've been talking them DIZY Diaz and they are working but nothing comes close to the UK ???? one's Dr will not give me any as to much of a tolerance well what pill hasn't plus one of my brothers has been on the UK one's for over 8 years we have the same diagnosis and same Dr so i have to get mine from the public which any Dr will tell you that's dangerous well then help me out but nope good mental well being to u all

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