Where To Get Betametasona Clotrimazol Gentamicina

Cindy Says:

Could you please let us know how and where we can obtain a couple of tubes of Betametasona Clotrimazol Gentamicina ASAP!!! I don't know where it is available to buy, but we would greatly appreciate any details.

Thank you sooooo much,


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Roy Says:

Hi Cindy,

The medication which you are referring to contains Betamethasone + Clotrimazole + Gentamicin. This specific combination of active ingredients is not sold as-is in the United States, which is probably why the label is in Spanish. I think you have a couple of options.

(1) See if you can get a doctor's prescription and have a local pharmacy compound it for you

(2) If you travel to Mexico you should be able to bring the product back through customs provided it is for personal use

You might also find a related discussion thread to be helpful, as it talks about Barmicil Compuesto Crema which does contain these same ingredients. I hope this helps & good luck!

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scratchy Says:

I got the hook up in LA.

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Mazeindahous Says:

You can buy it at most Swap Market. 25$ a tube

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Janet Says:

Cindy, it's sold at alot of lil Mexican stores, if there are any near you. It's normally behind the cashier and comes in a blue box with a white stripe where the name is. Ask for Ginatrifil cream.

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Suzannah Says:

You can also find it on Ebay. I paid 7.99

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Gina Says:

what is it listed as on ebay?

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AZ Says:

Will clotrimazol/gentamicina/betametasona help with athletes foot? If so how long will it take to clear it up? & is it ok. to put socks on after applying the cream to prevent the cream from rubbing off onto other places

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al Says:

U can buy it at any pharmacy in tijuana mexico...and WOW $2.50.

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Lula Says:

We always find it at our local flea market.

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Jd Says:

I had purchased gencloben in the DR for a rash, and used it for subsequent red skin eruptions. It is the only ointment that worked. Nothing else, even from dermatologists, worked. It has the gentamicin, betametasone and clotrimazol in it. I am out, anyone know where to buy it in the US? Or a similar replacement?

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Evelyn Says:

Let me know ! I really need this cream bad for my skin.

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Chico Says:

You can get all this medicine in matamoros mexico. Just crossing border line of Brownsville Texas or even on line they can ship it to you.

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Jd Says:

Re: Evelyn (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

It can be ordered online, there is a couple of different manufactures, but they have the same compounds. Gencloben, Gelmicin. But, they don’t take PayPal, only a cc number. I cannot force myself to put my CC info out there.

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