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Dry skin Says:

I have been trying to find a jar of acid-mantle crème but Doak pharmacies no longer make it. Does anyone know if some one else makes it?

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David Says:

There's actually another brand I found by the name of "Risabal-ph". They make an acid-mantle creme that's used as a moisturizer for a variety of different skin conditions (including dry, rough, itchy, irritated skin and even goes so far as balancing it's Ph levels).

You can find a 16oz jar of it on amazon for around $43.

I haven't tried it myself, but after living in such a dry climate for so long, I might need all the moisture I can get. There are also a good number of reviews online if you're looking for more feedback on it.

I hope this info helps!

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Lori Says:

I have used both the Acid Mantle and the RisaBal-pH cream. They are exactly the same. I can't find either of them on the web. I'm very close to running out. I didn't know why they stopped making it. It's a fantastic product.

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dawn Says:

I have been using for 20plus years and neither Acid Mantle or RisaBal-pH cream are made anymore. Following to see if anyone has any luck finding a replacement.

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Louisie Says:

I'm trying to find Acid Mantle cream....has anyone had any luck finding this?

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Teresa Says:

I have been looking for a jar as well.
I can not believe they would get rid of a good product like this.

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MJ Says:

I'm in the same boat. Can't find it anywhere. Have you had any luck?

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Melissa Says:

Re: Louisie (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I am on the same mission. I can't believe they stopped making it :(

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