Where Can I Find Dauladid In Jacksonville Fl? Been Everywhere For A Week And Nothing. Had To Change My Script From Oxy30mg

Deej Says:

Please let me know if there is a pharmacy in Jacksonville that has them. I've been prescribed oxy30mg for years and now I can find them so I had my doc change to dauladid and can't find it either! Wtf is going on ???? I have the most painful disease known to mankind! Trigeminal Neuralgia, along with other disorders and painful problems. This is beyond ridiculous. They just take away good pain medicine from good people who suffer every day and every moment and they don't even make the extended release cheap enough to buy, it cost 20-30 dollars a pill in the major pharmacies. Who the hell is in charge of this s***? Satan??? Nazi's???!!!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Deej! How are you? Sorry about the problem you're having, I really hate to see anyone suffering.

One thing that has caused part of the problem on the east coast, which has resulted in pharmacies having trouble getting such medications in was the shut down of a major pharmaceutical distributor. There were found to be moving far larger amounts of controlled substances than other comparably sized distributors and it was thought to be suspicious. Thus, it has gotten very hard to pharmacies to get such medication in, until a new distributor takes over the area.

Additionally, even when they can manage to get in a full supply, there are restricted on how much they can order each month, so they can't just order more in, whenever they run out. Once they exhaust their monthly allotment, they are just done for the month.

And another factor that almost always plays a role this time of year are manufacturers hitting their yearly allotments and not being allowed to manufacture more product, until they receive their new allotment amount after the new year. To keep better tabs on the supply to try to prevent theft and diversion, each manufacturer of a controlled substance is limited to only being able to produce and distribute to market a certain amount each year. The exact amount can vary from one to the other and is based on prior year pharmaceutical sales, prescriptions, patient demand and projections for the new year and no company is allowed to exceed that allotment. Thus, once they've hit their number for the year, they can't ship any more to the pharmacies and a shortage often arises.

The best suggestion I can make is that you try smaller mom&pop type pharmacies in your area, since their demand isn't usually as great as that of the larger pharmacies they may still have a supply in stock.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Red Says:

Do you really believe that? Have you not read that people all over the country people are having problems getting their scripts filled? I had one pharmacist tell me that they meaning the pharmacists do not think that the doctors are the ones that should be prescribing, they feel they should. I live in the sunshine state, now try getting methadone here? They look at you like you're nuts. Had one pharmacist tell us , tell that doctor meaning the pm dr, to stop sending patients here for that kind of drug and don't ever come back here. BTW, that was Costco's and yes we were sent there by the pain management doctor. Legal action is the only way to stop this madness, it's all political anyway. They can't get the big dealers so they're coming after the legitimate poor people like us.

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