Where Can You Buy Drixoral Cold And Allergy?

Jackie Says:

I would like to buy several packages of Drixoral Cold and Allergy pills. They are round little green pills

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Verwon Says:

It is no longer available in the U.S., but I understand that it's said to still be available in Canada.

Learn more Drixoral details here.

Have you tried seeing if you can order it somewhere?

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Duane Says:

another company is going to begin selling Daxophed-D tablets in the last quarter of 2014. It has the same ingredients as Drixoral. The company is KVK-Tech, inc. They are planning on having it available in October 2014

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SDB Says:


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A Says:

Yes, Where please. I am looking as well. Without having to go to Canada.

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Stas Says:

Reading this thread... Yes! Where? This is the only product that works for my dust allergies.

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Cherr Says:

Do you know where Drixoral may be purchased? it's the only product that really works for me. Thanks

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Lis Says:

Interested in the availability of drixoral. I saw your thread. It's the only thing that works for my allergies without drowsiness.

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Jim Says:

yes, where can I find Drixoral?

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Goddess2015 Says:

Thank you for contacting Merck. Effective 10/1/2014, Bayer AG acquired Merck's existing over-the-counter business, including the product you mentioned, Drixoral. All inquiries on a former Merck Consumer Care product should be directed to Bayer AG. You can call them at 1-800-317-2165 (FREE). Let's flood this company with calls until we get Drixoral back in the US. It is still in Canada.

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Goddess2015 Says:

So Merck just passed the buck. Back to square one unfortunately. This is the reply I got from Bayer when I contacted them as Merck requested:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Bayer HealthCare.

We did acquire some of Mercks over the counter products in October 2014, however Drixoral was not among them. We unfortunately do not have any information regarding this product.

If I may be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me.


Amanda Blaker
Consumer Advisor

If anyone has any licensed pharmacies in Canada they know of that will legally ship Drixoral to USA as of 2015 PLEASE let us all know. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Singer Says:

I have checked around the Canadian pharmacies and I am having no luck in obtaining Drixoral. The product has appeared to either be unavailable (even tho it is described) or simply not available to me in America. I read the post regarding DAXOPHED-D. Someone here mentioned it was to be available in October 2014 and then again in February 2015. I have found nothing on this except web-based evidence of trademarks and images, nothing regarding availability, where and when. I want my Drixoral back-HELP!

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Champagne Girl Says:

I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and as of December 2015, I can no longer buy Drixoral over the counter. The pharmacist says that the round green tablets have been discontinued. I have been taking one a day for over thirty years, and as noted by many on this thread, it is the only thing that works to get rid of my sinus headaches. The pharmacist did indicate there is a behind-the-counter product called Eltor that has 120 mg of pseudoephedrine, but she would not give it to me for ongoing use without my doctor's permission. Does anyone have any other information on the status of Drixoral?

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James Says:

There was to be a product available by now called "Daxophed D" available last year but still nowhere to be found.

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Cdimop Says:

I had heard that someone had figured out a way to reformulate Drixoral so that they could not be converted into methamphetamine but have not heard of any further info of when it would be available

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CJ Says:

Drixoral is no longer available in Canada. My "dealer" there has nothing but substitutes - I say "dealer" because it makes me feel like a drug addict, having to go thru this to get a MEDICINE that I need to avoid my allergies getting so out of control that only a large dose of antibiotics will fix it! It's outrageous. I tried finding a source in the UK but they all look very dodgy. If anyone knows anything, please post - I'm down to 30 pills and it's only February. Thank you all, and good luck.

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Sylvia Says:

So no more Drixoral is ridiculous, I have been taking 1 pill aday for 42 years now and without I feel terrible. I really need this pill for my allergies. I wish my doctor would of never gave me a prescription for this drug back then cuz now what am I gonna do?

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CJ Says:

ATTENTION, all you people suffering for lack of Drixoral! I found something over the counter that actually WORKED. I got it at CVS, the pharmacy in California that has been eating up Walgreens and Rite Aid. It's called "Allergy Relief-D, 12 hour." A list of the active ingredients is below. I suffer horribly from allergies - itchy eyes, constantly running nose, nose swells up from blowing so I can't breath, can't sleep, and without medicine it all turns into a giant infection that only antibiotics will cure. I'm 66 and this has been going on since I was 20, so I know what I'm talking about. I was buying Drixoral in Canada until this year, when it's suddenly no longer available. I was freaking out because allergy season in California is a month early and I'm already dying. These pills WORK. The first one took about 2 hrs to kick in, but now it's just like taking Drixoral - no drowsy, no jittery, and no allergy symptoms - you just feel totally NORMAL again. Please pass this information on to everybody and everywhere - it's only $14 for 20 pills and it's over the counter - you have to sign for it, but who cares. Here's the ingredient list: cetirzine hydrochloride and pseudophedrine hydrochloride, 5 mg/120 mg. Relief is within our grasp again!

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singerita Says:

CJ, I'm dying here too (in Canada); I can't find (on the internet or at pharmacy) the substitute you're talking about (allergy relief-D). If you ever encounter a website where i can buy it, please post it here. Thx!

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CJ Says:

One of the main ingredients that we need seems to be psuedoephedrine ~ do what i did, go to the pharmacy and stand there and read all the labels til you find one that has it. My former contact in Canada says Alt His A is good, so it must be available there. If I find anything else that works, I'll keep posting it here. Good luck! Also, see Champagne Girl's post below, she mentions something in the pharmacys in Canada.

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