Where Can I Buy Zytiga

Dorothy Says:

Where can I buy ZYTIGA in a discount pharmacy for the best price?

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Joe S. Says:

Hi Dorothy, I bought Zytiga (Arbiraterone) from an Israeli pharamcy, which garantee their prices for the lowest of all. I saved up to 3000$ these past two months. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer eight months ago, and I have to say I feel much better...

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mike Says:

what is the name of this pharmacy, how can i contacted them?

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Nick Says:

Hi, Any idea which pharmacy I can buy it from? ?Thanks

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Ying Says:

If you are still looking for Zytiga. I have an unopened bottle (120 pills )for sale. I purchased from Zytiga recommended pharmacy for my father overseas who had late state prostate cancer. Unfortunately he passed away two days after I got the medicine. I paid $5500 for it but will take best offer.

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SZ Says:

How about $550?

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Sherry Says:

Hello Do you still have the drugs?

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ping Says:

My father has a prostate cancer, do yo still have the drug? or could you please tell me where I can buy it? Thank you in advance!

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Ping Says:

Can you please tell me how to contact the seller? my father has prostate cancer and need Zytiga.
Thanks in advance!

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Cristina Says:

what about 4000$? We need it urgently...

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dr fareed khan Says:

plz let me know if still you have zytiga..n how to contact you..my cantact num ..{edited for privacy}..cntact me soon.i will prefer if u call rather than email

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Gabby Says:

Is it legal to sell Zytiga in the United States? My father inlaw has a full unopened bottle that the doctors won't take back. We would hate to see them go to waste when there are so many out there that can't afford the insurance or the medication and have to go without.

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Soda Says:

I have an unopenned bottles of Zytiga (120 tablets). How to dispose of them?

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chev Says:

Hi I am a filipino doctor here in the phils.I need zytiga for my dad. Where can you get them and how much do they typically cost?

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Pruvost Says:

Hi there. There is an association in Belgium by the name of Benelux Women Help Group, which is helping prostate cancer people in the whole world. I ask them for zytiga. I get with them for 2500 dollars. 1 week for delivering at my home.

Here is the company's address:

Benelux Women Help Group
45, bd Prince Henri
L-1651 Luxembourg

Just write them, explain your case, and if they can get it for you, give your adress. They are really kind. And May God blessed them.
Wish health to all of you.

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Pruvost Says:

Go to that website of an association. Each year they give 10 bottles of Zytiga for free and 20 else for 1/3 payment. They help my dad enough. It is an help association.

May God help you.

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jonathan Says:

do you have an email or website of this asosiation?

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Pruvost Says:

I think it is forbidden here to put email or website. I will try. Write them to [email protected] They will give you all details.

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Ranoa Says:

Please if you still have Zytiga ,I can get it.My father case really need to get it immediately.Let me know if toy still have it

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Ranoa Says:

Do you know of any well trusted web-based pharmacies.

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nitesh kumar Says:

my father has prostate cancer and need zytiga. but i can't bought zytiga. this is very coustly medicine and i am belong from very poor family.

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