Whats The Difference Between White And Yellow Vicodins 325/10

backache101 Says:

recently my perscription has been changed from yellow norcos 325/10 to white norcos 325/10 but people have been telling me the effects are different could someone please explain the difference

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Verwon Says:

Are they the same pill, with the same marking?

Or did your pharmacy just provide you with a new one from a different manufacturer?

Learn more Norco details here.

There are some manufactured by Watson that have had the die removed and some people have said that they don't seem to work as well as the old tablets with the dye in them.

However, you haven't provided enough information for anyone to really be able to help you.

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Sheri Says:

Dear backache101, the white ones are different. They are ineffective and come with a myriad of side effects, some potentially dangerous. Be careful. See if the pharmacy has the yellow ones in stock still and request them.

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Angel Says:

I only got a new script which included the white ones as well. My pharmacist insists that the white ones are the same strength and medications as the yellow ones, but the preservative or sulfate that people tend to have allergic reactions to are no longer included in the white ones. She said the strength and performance are supposed to be the same. I will try them, and if they do not seem to work as well, I will also ask for the yellow ones to be returned to me. Many stories are going around right now, but until several people I know personally have tried them, or I have had enough time to decide for myself, I won't argue the point. Try not to take another's word for it.

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j Says:

I am normally a Watson fan........last script from Walgreens was the white ones and did nothing. Went back to the 7.5s by qualitest and they did the job way better. I cannot stand walgreens

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Robin Says:

I have been on Hydrocodone 10/325 for the last 8 yrs, made by Mylan until this last rx. I had absolutely no trouble with this med. It worked well for my chronic pain with no side effects for me. The new rx is made by Watson and after 2 weeks, I can say that these new white generics are just not working. They don't even come close to killing the pain and when taken, make me sick. I called several local pharmacies and none are carrying the Mylan brand. What is going on? Does anyone know?

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DEA Sucks Says:

It's The DEA, They Are Making Healthcare Choices for Us Now. They Have Made It Almost Impossible To Fill Any Pain Medication in Florida. They Are Treating Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical Companies Like Drug Dealers. It's Only Getting Worse. Sick Disabled People Are Suffering. If we Don't Start Calling Every Elected Person And Complain Nothing Will Change. If You Are Sick Of All The Changes Call, send them Emails Send them letters in the mail.

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Alice Says:

Good to read these replies. Thought it was just me. I take Watsons hydrocodone 7.5-325. They use to be a peach color, now changed to white. I use Walgreens. Since changing to the white ones, it hasn't helped my pain much, I've been sleeping more, and been feeling somewhat depressed. I do not like the changes that are occurring and will probably have to change to another manuf. Watson needs to be notified of this.

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lauretta Says:

i think they work the dame,just because the dye is gone wich is better for us,doesent mean they eork difgrently.they dtill contain same amount of narcotic pain reliever.jeeesh

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unclecrash Says:

My understanding is they took most the tylenol out of them. You will not see any vicotin over 325mg any more. tThe problem is they are not nearly effective without all the tylenol in them the two ingredients together is what make them work so good. Now we have to up the dosage or the pill strength to get the same equalivant we had before. Good luck trying to get it across to your doc's. I smell a rat all ready I just made an appt. and my doc is never busy to get me in but they tell me she is double booked. And I have to see another doctor this time. And they are letting me see the doc who is supose to be a pain specialist, who when I first started going to this doc they told me I had to wait three months to see him. Now all of a sudden he is going to see me on a two week notice!! go figure. I also am getting the run a round for years. I was at the nuerologist because of back and neck cronic pain with documentation and the doc said they dont want to help me. I said who he said the insurance company dont want to pay for me to get back on my feet!! I think Im going to see an attorney about this matter why the hell is the state using this insurance company if they dont want to help me.

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Di Says:

I was changed to Norco 10/325 by Watson from Norco 10/325 Qualitest and iam SICK AS A DOG!!
Doesn't help the pain bcoz ionly take 1/2 due to feeling so so sick! Has anyone else hadthishappen and if so WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS?? My pharmy said they don't carry the Qualitest due to the Class changes from 3 to now 2....
But what is someone like me do?? My whole quality of life has changed!!!!!! I feel SO SICK and cannot get out of bed and am experiencing SADDNESS and CRY like I've NEVER EVER DONE!!!

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Dmoveup Says:

I picked up white Norco 10/325 yesterday and it's like taking a Tylenol. I took 2 pills and still nothing. My shoulder is injured with torn rotator cuff. I'm waiting for surgery. This sucks. I'm sick to my stomach. I feel like crap. What gives?? Last week I had yellow pills and I wasn't sick and could tolerate the pain. So not cool. I called the pharmacy and they said they don't make the yellow pills anymore. Just like that? What do I do? Suffer.

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Kris Says:

It is really bad everywhere. My mom lives in Michigan and cannot even stand up straight much less walk without her pain meds. The physicians are no longer able to prescribe narcotic pain meds, so they sent her to a pain clinic where they began putting shots in her back and neck and still no pain meds!!! She has been without for almost 3 months now and I am outraged that they have taken away any decent quality of life she has left.

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Jar Jar 59 Says:

In Southwest Louisiana, Drs are dropping the writing of narcotics. I was told after Jan 1, '16, they are phasing them out. (my pain mgmt grp.). Cannot find anyone that takes my medicare anymore. I have been here for 5 years. I cant even get a referral from them. I had a neck surgery with hardware that was botched and the former surgeon had a major accident and is now disabled and destitute. Took over 4 years of struggle and sleepless nights before someone would even see me. Now my low back is degenerating and I have to deal again. Have done all PM asked. Obeyed all rules. Did multiple injections, electrotherapy, massage, PT. I get no relief from this types of "pain therapy". What the heck do I do now? I am 58 years old now. Sorry. 59. I am getting a few days of relief as I am in the hospital now with pneumonia/severe bronchitis/spinal pain which they are treating. The Cash Only Docs here charge from $350-$550 a visit with deposits ranging. I cannot afford those as many can't. I do not and will not sell any meds. I need what I get and do not want to see the inside of a jail cell. Thanks for listening everybody. THANK YOU ALL...AGAIN.

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Dmoveup Says:

I finally bit the bullet hard and went cold turkey. Stopping is the hardest thing to do. Starting again is too easy. But I could not get my doctor to write any more Norco 325/10 or anything for that fact. The pharmacy (Target) would not even fill the scripts either!! I spent hours and days filling pain med scripts. That's painful enough. I've been clean for 5 days now. Im still sick to my stomach and not sleeping well. I ache and hurt all over. My shoulder is killing me. I'm suffering. My doctor and I had a great relationship until just after the holidays when he suddenly said he didn't feel comfortable writing any more scripts for me. Told me to find a pain management doc. No surgery is going to fix me. My mother is crippled with pain just like me but chose to drink alcohol to kill her pain. The system is flawed and we have no where to go. Now I just sit at home waiting to die.

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Dixie Says:

My Mother and 2 sisters committed suicide because they could not get proper pain management. I pray that I die every night because I have a terminal illness and cannot get anything stronger than Ibuprofen. You are not alone. I think they (whoever They are) want people to commit suicide so we aren't their problem anymore. My Doctor just looked at me and shook his head, refused to give me a referral for pain assessment and management. This world is in a very sad state now.

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Dmoveup Says:

Saddest and accurate depiction of our pain management I've read. God bless you. Please keep trying.

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Ms Scott Says:

I pray you get the relief and help u need because i know how u feel and when the ones (doctor's) who's supposed to be the ones helping you aren't its just sad and pityful. They need to understand that everyone cannot afford to pay for a pain management doctor when your living and basing your life on (SSI) a monthly income. At times u feel as though death is an escape, but i hope someone hears your cries and i wish i could be there to give u a hug and assure u that its it's go work out and dont give up. Well ill keep u in my prayers. Hang in there sweety.

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Brandon Says:

My Dr. Told me the only difference is the yellow one's weren't time realase and the white one's are. Explains why they don't seem as strong

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Dixie Says:

Thank you for your positive reply, I don't have much longer to go and I can be free. Just got final prognosis it won't be long now. Thank God!!!!!

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Arty Says:

They do make yellow ones it deppends on pharmacy some dnot have name brand, i get yellow every month

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Backache Says:

White don't work as well for sure.also they give me headache and dry mouth.yellows dont.i been on yellows for year and the last 3 months were white.

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phil Says:

Yes some people say that but the active ingrediant is the same

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Vlcb6750 Says:

Tell me who to call. I will. I live with chronic pain. It is unbearable at times. I don't take it to feel high. I take it to be able to work. If they want to crack down on these laws and not allow us prescription drugs for pain I won't be able to work anymore. Not everyone takes pain medication recreationally.

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Ta Says:

Rite aid sucks to they always give u hard time trying to get your mess and they are so slow

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Shane Says:

This is becoming an entire nation issue. People that do not need pain medication are more apt to get it then people that do need it. The DEA is one who has made it like this. They learned fighting the drug cartels does not pay when they take away all the shipments of coke and then their family gets slaughtered. They got too scared to mess with the cartels so it's easier to go after doctors and pain medication people and stuff like that where they can still sit behind a desk and be safe everyday. I'm starting a petition to try to get this changed back to how it used to be where a doctor sees you hurting and he would give you pain medication that would actually work and when you went to the pharmacy you didn't get no bulls*** over it.

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Gf Says:

You are buggin calm down take your pain meds and your mental health meds and b fearful cuz alt of us can't get a script for tramadol

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